How to Write a Book Review-

Is an upcoming book review stressing you out? Book reviews call on us to demonstrate that we can read and eloquently express our opinions in written form. The key elements in preparing for a book review include identifying, evaluating

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Life Hacks for International Students in the USA

Are you planning to study in the USA? The United States of America has some of the best colleges in the world with top class programs guaranteed to make you a highly sought after professional. However, for foreign students

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Most Useful Financial Analysis Websites-

So you have a financial analysis paper about a Fortune 500 company but you are unsure about where to find the necessary information. You could visit thei

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Most Important Financial Performance Ratios-

You are running a retail shop that sells merchandise such as clothes, alcoholic beverages, or fast-moving consumables at a grocery store and you would like to assess its financial health. Or you are working on a financial analysis project

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Challenges Faced in Financial Forecasting-

You are now done analyzing your company’s past performance and are now looking forward. You want to project future performance. There are several Read More


Financial Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions-

Mergers and acquisitions are terms that have been used interchangeably for a while but are fundamentally different. A business merger refers to an agreement where two companies join their operations to form a new entit

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6 Reasons Why Online Classes Make Sense-

You are thinking of learning something new or simply getting a qualification to advance your career. You have already identified the course but are unsure on the mode of delivery to go for. Do you take formal classroom learning or an <

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The 10 Most Popular Literature Books in American College:Books You Almost Certainly Will Read During Your Literature Class

So, you have a new literature class and want to make a positive impression on your teacher and classmates. There are so many Read More


APA Writing Style Guideline-

Do you have an assigned essay and your teacher is adamant that it be in APA format? APA is one of the most common essay formats demanded by colleges and for good reason. APA makes it easy to read academic text and prov

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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing-

Do you feel that your creative writing skills are not up to par? Maybe you have creative writing in college and are anxious about how your teachers and your peers will perceive your writing. Well, if you feel a constan

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How to Write in Cursive Properly-

Good handwriting is a skill that is becoming very rare these days. Smartphones and computers have made sure that nobody writes letters. Because nobody writes anything meaningful in their own handwriting anymore, being able to write in cursive

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Writing a Good Critical Analysis Paper-

Has your teacher given you the task of critically analyzing a book? Is the assignment making you panic? If so, just hand it over to the folks at EssayTank, we will write it for

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How to Format an Essay-

So your teacher has just told you to format your essay in APA or MLA style and you have no idea what those acronyms mean. If that is you, then all you need to do is hand us your essay by Read More


Coronavirus Sample Essay

Epidemics pose both physiological and biological effects on human beings. The Coronavirus pandemic

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Putting Together an Argumentative Essay: Tips on Persuasive Writing

Some students struggle with writing an argumentative essayRead More


Sample Argumentative Essay: APA format

Competition refers to the struggle that exists between opponents that consequently results in one achieving victory while the other ending up suffering defeat. In every aspect of life, c

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The Impact of Automation on the Aviation Industry

Automation refers to the concept of completing tasks through electrical or mechanical ways. It also involves the application of technology in the production of goods and services while making systems or items to opera

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Impact of Coronavirus on the Airline Industry in 2020

The Coronavirus has disrupted various economic, political, and social activities around the world. Countries affected by the epidemic have resorted to banning social gatherings, closed d

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Gender Imbalance in the Aviation Industry: 5 Paragraph Essay

There is a constant expansion of air transport in the world which demands for additional workers. Women form about fifty percent

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Essay on Airfield Capacity Management:

Airport capacity refers to the maximum possible number of aircraft operations that an airport can accommodate within a set period. It is the duty of an Read More


Short Exposition on Current Federal Aviation Laws

Federal aviation laws are vital as they provide governance to the aviation industry, thus ensuring the smooth operation and safety of all the service providers and o

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Unmanned Commercial Flights: How far is Pilot-less Aircraft Technology?

The aviation industry is at the forefront of implementing pilotless aircraft technology to reduce costs. The move is in

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7 Sins of Memory -

The seven sins of memory are some crucial occurrences that affect the ability of individuals in their daily activities.

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Essay on K-Pop and it Influence

Since its origin in 1992, K-pop has dramatically influenced the Western pop culture as many youths are now incorporating slick choreography and addictive melodies in their performances.&

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Deming, the Father of Quality Evolution: A Total Quality Management Essay

After World War I, Dr Deming developed a theory, Total Quality Management, that focuses on improving the quality of the companies

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Psychological Factors in the Consumer Decision Making Process

Several factors influence the behavior of customers in their decision-making process. Psychological factors deal with th

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Steps in the Consumer Decision Making Process

The consumer decision-making process occurs when consumers identify their needs and then work towards purchasing the pro

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Sociology Essay on End of Life Decisions

End of life (EoL) planning is an essential idea that enables individuals to control their health care and financial decisions when they are weak. This notion is most suitable among the elderly, especially those tha

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Essay on Clean and Renewable Essay

The dynamics of climate change and the accompanying uncertainties are pushing most countries towards the use of clean and renewable energy. Most of the corporations in the world are embracing the switch to the use

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Essay on Euthanasia Laws

Euthanasia refers to the inducement of a quick and painless death to a patient. Physicians use this practice to prevent a person from experiencing severe pain from a terminal injury or disease. Most legal systems have no regulatio

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Key Themes in Frankenstein

Frankenstein, also known as the Modern Prometheus, is a novel written by Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley. The book covers both the Catholic and Romantic genres while following the life of a scientist whose curiosity pushes him to c

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A Summary of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

 Frankenstein is a horror novel written by English author Mary Shelley. The book was published in 1818 and is one of the earliest works of science fiction. Frankenstein contains elements of both Gothic and romantic genres. First abstracted as

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Frankenstein: An Analysis of Characters

Frankenstein is one of the earliest books about science fiction. The author, Mary Shelley, uses different characters to give life to the narrative. Each character has different traits, ambitions, and plays a unique role.

Victor Frankenstein

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Frankenstein: Famous Quotes

Frankenstein, also referred to as The Modern Prometheus, is an English novel written by Mary Shelley. This book narrates the story of a young scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who is curious to discover the secret of life. He creates a monstrous creature

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The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer presented in the form of poems. The writing of the tale was in Middle Eng

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Major Themes in The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales is a novel with rich tales that highlight the behavior of different characters. These tales portray various themes that help reinforce th

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The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald: A Summary

The Great Gatsby is a novel written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Nick Carraway, who is a Yale University graduate, narrates the story. He moves to a new city to pursue his career and

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The Great Gatsby Chapter 1

The narrator of the Great Gatsby is a young man from Minnesota named Nick Carraway. He begins the book by saying that his father taught him not to judge other people. He also describes h

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The Great Gatsby: Key Themes and Issues

The Great Gatsby is an English novel telling the story of the events that take place in the neighborhood of Long Island, New York. The book symbolizes America in the 1920s, precisely the

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A Movie Review of the Great Gatsby

The framing of the Great Gatsby shows sincerity in every aspect, just as intended by Baz Luhrmann. It is an imaginative and first 3D movie that highlights the most significant choice of ideas from the classic novel and well

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Who are the Major Characters in The Great Gatsby?

Great Gatsby is an English novel by Scott Fitzgerald, first published in 1925. The narrative takes place in New York during an era of the prohibition of jazz music and gambling. Each of the characters in the book h

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How to Properly Choose a Title for Your Essay

The title of an essay can influence the quality of the paper. An exciting title catches a reader’s attention and motivates them to read the rest of the document. On the other hand, a less intriguing title may influence a tutor to grade

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A Book Review of the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is Scott Fitzgerald's famous work in America today, although written in 1925. After its writing, it was not as popular as required. As of now, it is favorable because it contributes significantly to the literature of

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The Tragedy of Oedipus Rex: A Summary

The play opens as the citizens of Thebes plea with their king Oedipus to get rid of a plaque that could destroy the city. At this time, Creon, who is Oedipus's brother, is in the oracle learning how to react to the situation

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Major Themes Explored in Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex presents a mix of characters with unique characteristics. The heroism of the people in the book shows how they are willing to be intelligent, independent, and more growth of pride,

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How to Put Together a 500 Word Essay

Students in colleges and high schools may need to write an essay during their studies. Unfortunately, essay writing is a scary idea for some people, especially when the instructor does not give a specific topic. A 500-word essa

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Death Penalty Essay: Is the Death Penalty an Effective Deterrent?

There are emerging and intense debates about the viability and effectiveness of the death penalty. The justification of this type of sentence is capturing economic, social, political, and legal aspects of every country today. Some of t

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How to Write a Hook for Your Essay

The introductory paragraph of an essay or any other writing can interest or bore a reader. Hence one should always use the right hook to catch the attention of a reader. So, what exactly is a hook? A hook is a sentence that sparks

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A List of Sociology Research Paper Topics

Sociology refers to the study of a society, its culture, laws of development, and practices. Students who study sociology have the advantage of a wide array of research topics. This is because societies keep changing and new issues that relate to commu

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A List of Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Each student may need to write an argumentative essay during their studies. However, some people find it hard to select an essay topic. The selected topic must have a good impact on the reader for a student to score good grades. This article covers goo

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How to Format an Article Review

An article review is a paper that gives a summary of a specific topic. The main aim of this essay is to provide a reader with a better understanding of the subject matter. An article review also surveys published studies instead of stating new facts re

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How to Write A Visual Analysis Paper

Students pursuing History, Art History, and English courses may need to write a visual analysis paper during their study. This type of essay requires a student to describe a visual display or a specific image. Moreover, instructors use this essay to ev

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Why Essay Writing is an Important Skill in College

 Students in colleges often encounter various kinds of assignments during their studies. For instance, a teacher may ask students to write an essay on a particular topic or subject. Unfortunately, most student

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Interesting Psychology Research Paper Topics at College Level

Psychology is an interesting subject that focuses on how the human mind works and how it influences behavior. However, this field entails sophisticated knowledge that can present challenges to students pursuing it. Hence, a person might find it challen

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10 Platforms to Use when Creating and Designing Presentations

The effectiveness of any design and presentation depends on the software and platform one uses. There are various apps that one can use to make a presentation either for a class project or business. Each of these platforms contains features that can ea

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Commemorative Speech Writing Skillls

 A commemorative speech refers to a type of talk made at a special occasion to celebrate an institution, person, or specific situation. People mainly give this speech to show gratitude and inspire the audience. Students from various parts of the w

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Interesting Informative Essay Topics

An informative essay plays a significant role in educating the audience about a specific topic. The primary purpose of this type of essay is to explain to a reader about something they have little or no knowledge. Unfortunately, some s

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Demonstration Speech Topics Ideas

 A demonstration speech is a type of speech given to teach the audience how to perform something using the skills of an expert. Teachers can use this type of presentation to test the analytical, writing and public speaking skills

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Interesting Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Level Writing

A cause and effect essay is one of the most straightforward papers to write, as it has a simple structure. Additionally, this paper has a predictable pattern, which makes it possible for a student to complete it in a short time. This t

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The Disadvantage of Using Free Online Paraphrasing Tool

 Academic institutions check student’s assignments such as research papers and essays for plagiarism when receiving them. Hence, some students may use various measures to avoid copying work from published sources. Paraphrasing tools are internet s

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How to Write a Visual Analysis Essay

 Students pursuing History, Art History, and English courses may need to write a visual analysis paper during their study. This type of essay requires a student to describe a visual display or a specific image. Moreover, instructors use this essay

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Interesting Topics for Essays on Marijuana

 There is an increasing demand for topics about marijuana among students in high schools and colleges. This demand is due to the rising popularity of the drug for both recreational and medical purposes. When writing on any topic a

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A List of Topics You Can Write on Euthanasia

Euthanasia refers to the process of ending a person’s life intentionally to relieve them of severe pain. Active euthanasia refers to when one ends life using a specific activity, for example, administering an overdose of painkillers. On the other hand,

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Can You Find Homework Help on Reddit?

Many companies that offer homework and essay writing help have websites where people can hire their services. However, there has been an increase in the number of companies providing these services. This rise has increased competition in the writing fi

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Sex Education Topics you Can Pick for a College Essay

The introduction of Gender Studies in school has led to an increased demand for research and essay topics about sex. This class is crucial as it educates young people on numerous aspects of sex and sexuality. Students enrolled in various courses may en

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