A List of Good Argumentative Essay Topics

A List of Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Each student may need to write an argumentative essay during their studies. However, some people find it hard to select an essay topic. The selected topic must have a good impact on the reader for a student to score good grades. This article covers good argumentative essays and tips on how to write a great essay.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay refers to an essay in which a student makes an argument to support a claim using research and compelling examples. There are various sources of information one can use to obtain credible data. Such sources include textbooks, academic journals, official reports, and documentaries. In some cases, a teacher may assign a student the specific topic they would like them to discuss. However, some trainers require a person to come up with a topic that relates to the subject.

Simple Argumentative Essay Topics

·      Students must have free access to the internet.

·      Students should have the right to choose the subjects they cover.

·      US education system is beneficial to international students.

·      Current education systems are commercialized.

·      ACT and SATs are effective.

·      Secondary languages are worth studying.

 Good Argumentative Essays for College Students

·      The sale and production of tobacco should be illegal.

·      Governments should control alcohol usage.

·      Court proceedings should be aired on televisions.

·      Governments should ban smoking in public.

·      Countries should enact death sentences.

·      Alcohol manufacturers should not advertise their products.

·      Competition is good for businesses.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

·      The government should revise education policies.

·      Guns are an effective way to control crimes.

·      Governments should ban marriages of the same sex.

·      Do most political authorities engage in illegal activities?

·      Is monarchy good or bad?

·      Capitalism is better than socialism.

·      CIS is better than USSR.

Good Argumentative Topics on Technology

·      Technology makes people lonely.

·      Mobile phones have more positive than negative impacts.

·      There should be a prohibition of violent video games.

·      Apps should be allowed to collect information from users.

·      Is it right to replace human labor with automatic machines?

·      Self-driving cars should be legal.

·      Governments should ban the use of mobile phones when driving.

Good Argumentative Essay Topics on Science

·      Parents should have the freedom to modify unborn children.

·      Do GMO products harm or benefit users?

·      Should vaccination be a requirement to attend school?

·      Should the government ban the use of non-degradable materials?

·      Can a vaccine cause autism?

·      Do people have the right to priorities their wants before those of animals?

·      Should marijuana be legal for medical purposes?

·      Human activity is the leading cause of climate change.

 Good Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports

·      Should sports be classified according to gender?

·      Should players and coaches earn the same amount of money?

·      Should college students receive payment for being part of a sports team?

·      Football is extremely dangerous for players.

·      Parents should not allow their children to play football.

·      Which is the most unbreakable sports record?

·      Should sports teams control their fans?

·      Should the use of steroids be legal?

 Good Argumentative Essays on Government and Politics

·      Voters' registration should be automatic.

·      Should the government permit prisoners to vote?

·      Should all governments practice extradition?

·      The electoral college is an effective system for America.

 Good Argumentative Essays on Religion

·      The clergy should have the freedom to get married.

·      Education institutions should not teach religion.

·      Schools should allow religious clubs.

·      Should churches allow teen marriages?

·      Atheism is a 21st-century problem.

·      Love and Friendship can coexist.

·      Religions should permit same-sex marriages.

Good Argumentative Essay Topics on Health

·      Teenagers should have the freedom to purchase birth control.

·      Governments should legalize assisted suicide.

·      Companies should use influencers for advertising dietary supplements.

·      Citizens should have access to free health care.

·      Schools should teach children about healthy eating.

Good Argumentative Essay on Ethics

·      Should governments legalize sex work?

·      Should indigenous people's day replace Columbus Day?

·      Is testing products on animals ethical?

·      Do deodorants and perfumed soaps cause cancer?

·      Should abortion be legal?

·      Is cloning a genetic disaster?

·      Is plastic surgery necessary?

 Good Argumentative Essays on the Economy

·      Interns should receive payment during their internship.

·      Governments should abolish monopolistic markets.

·      Which criteria should governments use to implement corporate tax?

·      Labor laws should increase the minimum wage.

·      Does outsourcing skills reduce production cost?

·      How does social media impact businesses?

·      Do the salaries of athletes contribute to economic growth?

·      Do student loans affect the economy?

 Good Argumentative Essays on Education

·      College education should be free.

·      Schools should teach sex education.

·      Do school uniforms help in any way?

·      Should Physical Education (PE) influence a student's grades?

·      Is homeschooling better than regular schooling?

·      Should schools regulate the food students carry?

 How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay

The quality of an argumentative essay depends on how a student supports the points stated. One of the most crucial things that a student can do to improve the quality of their work is organizing it. An essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. A reader must also be able to identify the beginning and end of an essay based on the organization of ideas.

  • Introduction

The introduction of a good argumentative essay should have a captivating hook. This hook can either be a question, a statistical statement, or a famous quote. One should also give readers a background of the topic under discussion. The thesis statement of an argumentative essay should outline your stand clearly. However, one should refrain from taking a strong stance.

  • The Body

The body of an essay should contain claims that support the thesis statement. One must also provide evidence from credible sources. For instance, one can cite a newspaper article or scientific study.

A good argumentative essay should also give an opposing opinion about the topic. A student should ensure they pick strong points and respond to the arguments.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion should remind a reader what you discussed in the body. One should do this by restating the thesis statement and stating the main points. However, one should ensure they do not introduce any new point at this portion.

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