A List of Sociology Research Paper Topics

A List of Sociology Research Paper Topics

Sociology refers to the study of a society, its culture, laws of development, and practices. Students who study sociology have the advantage of a wide array of research topics. This is because societies keep changing and new issues that relate to communities and cultures emerge. There exist sociology research topics that relate to various thematic fields and education levels. Here is a list of subjects that sociology covers and examples of good research topics.

What Does Sociology Cover?

 Sociology covers a dynamic of issues that relate to society. The main topics covered under this subject are;

  • Gender and sexuality
  • Nationality, race, and ethnicity
  • Social movements
  • Youth cultures
  • Class inequalities and conflicts
  • Consumerism
  • Sociology of food
  • Mass media
  • Communities, cults, and clans
  • The sociology of family
  • Spirituality and superstition

 Sociology Research Topics on Gender and Sexuality

·      Roles that each gender takes in a family.

·      Does gender inequality exist in professional activities?

·      Gender inequality at workplaces and how to solve the problem.

·      Do homosexuality and nationality relate?

·      Women's rights in various countries.

·      Common gender stereotypes.

·      How do gender studies impact self-esteem?

·      The legality of the LGBTQ community in different countries.

Sociology Research Topics on Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity

·      Is there a relationship between race and education level?

·      How does foreign education impact professional success?

·      The evolution of international marriages.

·      What is the relationship between patriotism and social status?

·      The effect on racial stereotypes on consciousness and self-esteem.

·      How do educational institutions implement patriotic studies?

·      The truth behind various racial stereotypes.

·      Does nationality influence careers in government institutions?

·      Race and police brutality.

·      Social relations in multicultural societies.

·      What causes racial unrest?

Sociology Research Topics on Social Movements

·      The revolution of animal rights.

·      Disability rights in various countries or states.

·      What is the French revolution?

·      Does feminism help or harm women?

·      Nazism in Germany.

·      The American Indian Movement.

·      What led to the anti-vaccination movement?

·      The anti-psychiatry movement.

·      Albinism and human rights.

Sociology Research Topics on Youth Culture

·      How social media influences the youth.

·      Competition among women.

·      What are the most common extreme sports among the youth?

·      Self-harm among teenagers.

·      Social classes in schools.

·      Causes of deviant behavior among the youth.

·      Causes and effects of cyber bullying.

·       Bullying in high schools.

·       Effects of the media on youth maturity.

Sociology Research Topics on Class Inequalities and conflicts

·      Is there a relationship between poverty and education levels?

·      The difference between ghettos and gated communities.

·      Does social class determine parenting styles?

·      The correlation between class and geographical segregation.

·      How does living in the ghetto affect the youth?

·      Tax and wage differences among social classes.

·      Does wealth cause contentment?

·      How do schools operate in low-income regions?

·      Is there a relationship between wealth and race?

Sociology Research Topics on Consumerism

·      Consumerism in the current world.

·      The concept of quality.

·      Influence of product promotion on the buyer's intent.

·      What is animal testing of products?

·      The aim of product liability.

·      A study of fast-moving consumer products.

·      How does online marketing influence consumer behavior?

·      Technology and consumerism.

·      What causes inflation and deflation.

Research Topics on Sociology of Food

·      Food laws and regulations in various countries.

·      The effects of pesticide use on farms.

·      A study of how (insert culture) make their meals.

·      What are the advantages and disadvantages of organic farming?

·      Why are some food companies prevalent in the US?

·      What factors influence the farmer's markets?

·      The cultural aspect of popular dishes.

  Sociology Research Topics on Social Media and Mass Media

·      Bullying and harassment on social media.

·      Does social media play a role in promoting narcissism?

·      Which age group listens to jazz music most?

·      What are the regulations on social media advertising?

·      Does social media cause isolation and loneliness?

·      Social networking in the current world.

·      Sexuality and children show or movies.

·      What protocol determines age suitability in films?

Research Topics on the Sociology of Family

·      Do parents influence child behavior?

·      Protecting children in cross-racial adoptions.

·      Stigma on single parenting.

·      What are the effects of child abuse?

·      Common causes of family conflicts.

·      Challenges faced by teen mothers.

·      How does divorce affect family members?

Sociology Research Topics on Communities, Cults, and Clans

·      What influences social organizations in the community?

·      The Jewish understanding of human nature.

·      A study of the Aum Shinrikyo cult.

·      What factors influence the growth of Christianity?

·      Terrorism and Islam.

·      Influence of Catholicism on the Italian culture

·      Is Scientology a religion or a cult?

·      A study of the Heaven's Gate mass suicide.

Sociology Research Topics on Spirituality and Superstition

·      The history of various faith practices.

·      How to work across various spiritual identities.

·      How spirituality relates to other dimensions of difference.

·      Common superstitious among cultures.

·      How do superstitions affect human behavior?

·      What is the difference between religion and superstition?

·      The relationship between myths and superstitions.

How to Brainstorm for a Sociology Research Topic

 A good research topic shows a clear indication of the content discussed in the document. There are various techniques a student can use to come up with a good sociology research topic.

  • The topic should be interesting.

A student should engage themselves in finding a research topic that interests them. One should first identify the sociology lessons they enjoy and list them. Then, a person should narrow down on a specific issue. Additionally, it is vital to ensure one selects a topic that has a significant influence on society.

  • One should go through the subject manuals.

Another way to come up with a research topic is to go through the subject notes. This may include material provided by the instructor and external material. This step helps students access a wide variety of subjects that they cannot recall. Moreover, a person may come across information that will be helpful during the research.

  •  Evaluate the purpose of the research

Thinking about the aim of the work will help one to pick a research topic. If your research aims to influence change, you can write on an emerging or current issue. Such include topics on modern youth and family.

  • Consider the instructor's requirements.

The most effective way to achieve good grades is to follow the teacher's instructions keenly. In case you are not sure of the requirements of the paper, you can consult with the tutor. Moreover, one should avoid broad topics as they may require a profound knowledge of the subject. On the other hand, a less detailed title allows a student to analyze each critical point.

  • Evaluate the relevance of the topic

A student should analyze a society before selecting a specific theme to discuss. The selected subject should describe the problem clearly and cite the existing methods to solve it. Moreover, one should provide recommendations based on personal opinion.

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