Gender Imbalance in the Aviation Industry: 5 Paragraph Essay

Gender Imbalance in the Aviation Industry: 5 Paragraph Essay

There is a constant expansion of air transport in the world which demands for additional workers. Women form about fifty percent of the world's population, and they must seek technical and more competitive jobs in the aviation industry. Also, stakeholders should create chances for women to venture into some fields by developing opportunities both at the state and regional levels . Without the push to support women, gender imbalance will still prevail in the aviation industry

Gender Imbalance and Bias in the Aviation Industry

Currently, there are still notable problems relating to gender in the aviation industry. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) notes that women hold about three percent of the positions in the industry. The sector presents poor gender balance, especially in leadership positions. The existence of stereotypic notions has exposed women to biasness and helped to plant controversial ideas over the capabilities and interests of women. Therefore, only a few women attempt to enrol for “male courses” and then drop out before completing them. Notably, women work hard in schools and after graduating, they face intrinsic bias from the male-dominated aviation management who carry out evaluations. Some of the women like Flybe ex-CEO Christine Ourmieres-Widener who worked hard and featured as specialists confirm the presence of the negative societal perceptions towards women.  

Limited Number of Role Models

Only few women are operating at corporate levels in the world; therefore, it is hard for them to venture into new career fields. Although twenty-eight percent of MSc students comprises of women, the proportion is low since most of them do not receive any push to take physics and they receive limited opportunities to enrol for mentorship programs. Attending mentorship lessons can help women gain the energy to seek higher positions in the aviation industry. In most instances, women obtain mentorship and guidance from other women, hence, the lack of female mentors and role models in the aviation industry discourages most of them.

Gender Diversity

Despite of bias and lack of role models to encourage women to seek technical positions, the aviation industry is putting effort in mentoring them. Through the International Society of Women Airline Pilots (ISWAP), the aviation industry is championing for the representation of women, especially in higher leadership positions. It is through these efforts that Air France saw the appointment of Anne Rigail  in 2018 as the first female CEO of the airline. India presents 12.4 percent, the highest number of female pilots in the world while Europe brags of a 41 percent composition of female aviation employees. Besides, the International Aviation Women’s Association (IAWA) is promoting gender diversity by introducing aviation as a career choice for women. 

There is significant gender imbalance in the aviation industry as women still face rejection due to the existing stereotypic notions. These assumptions have exposed them to biasness and helped in planting controversial ideas in men regarding the capabilities and interests of women. The aviation industry still portrays gender imbalance, especially in leadership levels but associations such as ISWAP and IAWA, are playing a significant role in promoting gender parity.


Published on: 13 Apr 2020

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