How to Put Together a 500 Word Essay

How to Put Together a 500 Word Essay

Students in colleges and high schools may need to write an essay during their studies. Unfortunately, essay writing is a scary idea for some people, especially when the instructor does not give a specific topic. A 500-word essay is one of the most common papers a student can encounter. This type of essay can either be easy or challenging for a student, depending on their skills and capabilities. A student must express their ideas in an orderly and fluent manner to score good marks.

The Length and Structure of a 500 Word Essay

Schools in various parts of the world require students to use Times New Roman 12 as the font type and size for academic writing. A typed 500-word essay will occupy one page if a student uses single spacing. However, if you use double spacing, the document will take one and a half pages.  A 500-word essay comprises of the following sections;


The introduction of an essay must capture the reader's attention so that they can read the rest of the document. This section consists of three parts; the opening statement, supporting sentence, and a thesis statement. The opening statement should be captivating as it may determine whether or not a reader continues to read the document. The supporting sentence relates to the opening sentence and slightly explains the hook to make the topic relevant for discussion. The last portion of an introduction is the thesis statement. This is an argument that states the claim of an essay that you can either support or oppose. The statement should be brief and precise, but it should not provide too many details on the topic. In case the provided subject is broad; come up with subtopics to discuss within the essay


The body of a 500-word essay should contain facts that support the topic. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence that introduces the reader to the central idea. Each of the topic sentences must relate to the thesis statement. The first paragraph of the body should contain the most substantial point that proves and support the thesis statement. Write a transitional statement at the end to link the previous section with the next one. The second paragraph of a 500-word essay should have a strong argument to support the points stated in the last paragraph. Make sure you use examples and proved theories to support your thesis statement.


This is the last part of a 500-word essay that summarizes and restates the thesis statement. The conclusion also sums up the key points mentioned in the body of the piece. Ensure that you do not introduce a new idea in the end, instead briefly state the discussed ideas but in different words. The final statement of the conclusion should give the essay a concluding signal. You can also use a rhetorical question to keep the reader thinking about the topic after reading the document.

Tips on How to Write a Great 500 Word Essay

A good essay should have an original approach to the topic, which will provoke a reader to think. Some of the tips you can use to make your 500-word essay great are;

Select a Topic Carefully

Most 500-word essays do not have a restriction on the topic to discuss. A student may feel stranded if the instructor does not provide a specific topic. In such a case, you should only select an engaging title that interests you.

Research on Selected Topic

After deciding the title of the essay, research on relevant content to include. You can either use library books or online repositories and sites. The selected material must give a credible background on the subject in discussion. Do not forget to cite the sources you use and provide a list of references.

Create a Draft

Before writing an essay, draft an outline of the desired structure and content. List the main ideas and provide a brief description. If the topic is complex, you can begin with a complete draft and then narrow it down to the specifics.

Apply A Unique Style

Use a personal style to customize the essay by sharing your views on the matter. However, make sure your writing style matches the appropriacy of the specific subject. Additionally, provide a clear description and explanation of all the facts stated in the essay.

Use Academic Phrases

A 500-word essay should contain phrases that do not weaken the ideas discussed. Hence, avoid using clichés and words like ‘sometimes,’ somehow, and ‘in fact.’ Moreover, refrain from using complex words that may make the essay hard to understand.

Proofread and Edit Your Essay

Once you complete writing the essay, let it lay for a minimum of 30 minutes. Then, go through the document to get rid of typing and grammar errors. Reading the article aloud will also help you gauge the flow of the paper and rephrase portions that may seem indistinct. You can also use software to check for errors that you may miss.

Check for Plagiarism

Using published sources of information when writing an essay may lead to a plagiarized document. Hence, always check your 500-word essay for plagiarism using software before submitting it. In case there is copied content, use different words to write the highlighted portions. Nevertheless, make sure you do not alter the intended meaning.

Use Strong Verbs

Strong verbs make statements believable and give a reader confidence in the writer. For instance, instead of using the words ‘take part,' use participate. This makes it easy to convey the idea in discussion in less but precise terms.

500 Word Essay Help from EssayTank

 Writing a 500-word essay can be tough for some students, even with the right guidelines. One might lack adequate time to research and tackle the task. On the other hand, one may lack confidence or not have the required skill set. At EssayTank, we provide credible essay writing services for students at all academic levels. We can write you a 500-word essay on any topic at an affordable price.


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