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APA Writing Style Guideline- EssayTank.com

Do you have an assigned essay and your teacher is adamant that it be in APA format? APA is one of the most common essay formats demanded by colleges and for good reason. APA makes it easy to read academic text and provides a standard way of referencing and listing works cited in your essay.

If you have ever used one of MLA or Turabian you will find APA quite familiar. However, if you have never had to format an essay based on strict academic guidelines, you may find APA a bit different. Even though it might take you some time to flawlessly implement APA writing style, once you get the hang of things, it is a useful skill that you will utilize in all your lessons.

If you are looking to master the APA writing style, this guide from EssayTank Solutions is the right place to start.

Mastering the APA Writing Style: A Guide from EssayTank Pros

Well what exactly is the APA writing style? The formatting guideline takes its name from the American Psychological Association. The Psychological association handles plenty of academic documents and realized that it needed a standard way for all the academics associated with it to format their documents. The association created APA, as a set of guidelines and it became the standard in the academic spheres of social science, education, and psychology. 

APA is important to writing reports and essays in academia for several reasons. Firstly, it allows all students, professors, and researchers to have a standard method of communicating their findings and research. Having a standard way for formatting documents across a whole academic field makes it easy for people reading the documents to know what to look for, thus expediting the process of sharing knowledge.

APA is not the only formatting style you will encounter in your university studies. Some professors may insist that you use MLA or Chicago to organize your essays. However APA is arguably the most common formatting style used in colleges. As such, having a firm understanding of the basic rule of APA will serve you well.

The sections of an APA document 

Each essay that you format in APA must have four distinct sections. The sections include title page, abstract, main body and the works cited section. Each of the sections and what they contain is explained below.

1.      The Title Page

The first part of your APA essay is a title. The first page begins with a running head, followed by the title of your essay, your name and then the academic institution that you are affiliated with. The title page is important because it lets the reader know at a glance what your essay is about as well as your name. If your professor has specified that the essay be in APA format, then having a title page will increase the likelihood of you getting the best scored essay.

2.      The Abstract

The second part of an APA essay is the abstract which is typically on page two of your essay document. In the abstract section you will write a brief summary of what your essay is about. A proper abstract should be between one hundred to two hundred words. Because it is intended to be a summary of your essay, you should skip the abstract section when you are writing and only fill it in after you have completed your essay. The abstract is important as it lets people quickly get acquainted with the contents of the paper without having to wade through several hundred words. For instance, if you are writing a research paper, you will provide a summary of the topic, the research method and preliminary results in the abstract.

3.      The Body of the Paper

The body of the APA essay is where most of your effort will go. It is within the body that you will have the actual essay that you have to present to your teacher. In a research paper, you will break down the body into further smaller sections that include the introduction, research methods, results and conclusion. Your teacher may provide further instructions on the sub headings that you are supposed to include in the body, pay attention to these because they improve your marks.

4.      References

The reference is the final section of your APA essay. In the reference section you will provide a list of all the resources that you quoted in your essay. The reference section lets the readers of your essay know what information supports the claims that you have made in your essay. It is important to go through the material you used to prep for your essay and ensure that you included each one. Quoting information and not including the source of that information in your essay can be considered plagiarism. All references that you include in your essay must also be quoted as in-text citations.

APA in-text Citations

Another important aspect of the APA essay is the in-text citation. The in-text citations go hand in hand with the reference. For instance, if you quote a researched fact in one of the paragraphs in the body of your essay, you will have to include an in-text citation at the end of the paragraph. The in-text citation will contain the name of the author who wrote the essay that you referenced and the date that the author published the essay.

As an example if you quote information from an author named Mark who published his essay in 2015, the in text citation that you place at the end of the quote will be (Mark, 2015). In the reference section of your paper you will include the full details of the citation including the full name of the author, publication name as well as the publishing house if the quote is from a book.

Key Things to Keep in Mind When Using APA Writing Format

  • The title page, abstract, body, and references all begin on a new page. The contents of the title page will be centered in the middle of the page.
  • The order in which you list the references should be in alphabetical order. In each reference line, the first part is the name of the author followed by the publication date in brackets and then the name of the publication. The last item in the reference line is the publishing house that published the book or the URL where you retrieved the source.
  • All sections of your APA document must have one inch margins on the top, bottom, left and right. One inch margins all around means that the first letter will begin one inch from the edge of the documents. You can easily set one inch margins in Microsoft word by clicking the page layout tab and selecting the appropriate choice.
  • The standard spacing between sentences in an APA document is double spaced; this means that there are two spaces between each sentences. Having double-spaced lines vastly improves the readability of the document by ensuring that each page is not densely packed with hard to read sentences. To select double spacing for all the paragraphs in your essay, highlight them then right click to bring up the sub menu. In the sub menu, select paragraph and then set the desired line spacing. The double spacing requirement also applies to the reference section. 
  • Along with the double spaced requirement, the standard font in APA documents is times new roman while the standard font size is twelve.
  • In the reference section, the titles of essays, books, magazines, newspapers and journals should be italicized.

Help Writing Your APA Style Essay

Now that you know all that it takes to format an APA document, you don’t need to freak out about missing a crucial detail. The experts here at Essaytank have mastered the art of the APA document and will assist you complete and properly format your essay.


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