A Book Review of the Great Gatsby

A Book Review of the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is Scott Fitzgerald's famous work in America today, although written in 1925. After its writing, it was not as popular as required. As of now, it is favorable because it contributes significantly to the literature of America’s education. The popularity gained made Entertainment Weekly to rank it at number two among the all-time top one hundred novels. The Great Gatsby is famous because Fitzgerald artistically presents his knowledge about human nature, incorporating love in a small space. 

The presentation of The Great Gatsby is through the narration of Nick Carraway, who comes from a wealthy family and moves to East Egg to trade bonds. He lives opposite the mansion of Gatsby, a wealthy man who is fond of throwing extravagant parties attended by politicians and other rich people every weekend. In these parties, the host does not show up and is utterly unknown to the people around East Egg. Gatsby grew up in a low-income family, and he feels he lost Daisy due to poverty. He has a dark past, and his hard work is due to lost love. The lust obsession he has for Daisy will eventually make him fall.

Comparison of The Great Gatsby and Romeo and Juliet

The Great Gatsby has many similarities with Romeo and Juliet. They are both love stories, but The Great Gatsby is more about the presence of hollowness in the life full of leisure. Besides, the two novels can control time. For instance, Gatsby works hard to create the best future life with Daisy to restore his past. He challenges Nick by saying that he believes he can change his past and make the future better. Also, Juliet wishes to make her present last much more than her miserable future projections with Romeo.

Romeo and Juliet's writing relates significantly to poetry accompanied by brilliant literary styles displaying a lot of creativity together with entertaining and lush rhythmic presentation. This artistic work is attractive to the readers who find it easy to understand the literature. Fitzgerald describes this piece magnificently and beautifully such that it cannot fail to make the readers moved since it helps them to learn how unique and essential love is in the lives of people.

On the other hand, it is hard to sympathize with the characters The Great Gatsby because they show a lot of blemishes. The demonstration of the book quickly makes one to hate some characters such as Tom and Daisy Buchanan. Daisy involves herself in a marriage that is incomplete since she does not love Tom. Also, some people may hate Gatsby because the love he receives from Daisy is not enough because she has a five-year marriage with Tom to whom she does not admit her love. However, throughout the book, Gatsby is an excellent character with focus and ambition. 

The Irony in The Great Gatsby  

The novel shows that there are injustices and cruelty in the world where the rich can survive despite being idle. Fitzgerald presents a society that allows the rich to be carefree because they dream of becoming rich and becoming careless. However, he also points out the consequent horrific results of carelessness: "They smashed things and creatures and then retreated into their money and vast carelessness." It is evident and sad to note that Daisy and Tom are naturally full of malice and not just carelessness. They fail to care for their daughter, Myrtle, and Daisy fails to acknowledge Gatsby’s love.

Why is The Great Gatsby Great?

The presentation of the novel is unique as it involves a combination of extraordinary versions of vernaculars from America. It is a book driven by the voice that ensures success by seizing the psyche of Americans full of aspirations. The novel’s poetic style is essential as it reflects the importance of focusing on and working towards it without allowing the past to determine the future. The language used in the book is attractive and vital in enriching the literature of America and the entire world.

Why Some People Despise The Great Gatsby?

The novel does not take into account the human emotions compared to other popular books such as Romeo and Juliet. People find it hard to dislike and dislike the characters completely, as Fitzgerald presents them as appalling. It is hard to understand the characters as Fitzgerald conceals their inner insight and openness. There is no significant connection between Gatsby and Daisy. These flaws are essential if they could reflect an emotional relationship between characters, which would create a full link to the readers.

Although many readers think that the novel is somehow depressing, considering that the dreamers fail to achieve any achievement, it is a good work that incorporates well-thought explanations about different events. The book helps people understand the fact that by chasing undeserving dreams is disastrous.  


Published on: 31 May 2020

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