Essay on Clean and Renewable Essay

Essay on Clean and Renewable Essay

The dynamics of climate change and the accompanying uncertainties are pushing most countries towards the use of clean and renewable energy. Most of the corporations in the world are embracing the switch to the use of this type of energy. The International Energy Agency (IEA) is researching to analyze and forecast the extent of global utilization of renewable energy. Notably, the need for reducing global warming through carbon emission is making it possible for the world to continue creating a future for renewable energy. 

Foundation for Building the Future of Clean and Renewable Energy 

The global projection and research highlight the possibility of shifting to fully sustainable and clean energy in the next 30 years. It is possible to use this type of energy because there is a significant geographical solar, wind, and hydropower connectivity that will reduce the overall costs and consumption of energy. Therefore, governments should be at the forefront to formulate and implement policies that will guide organizations on how to transition to utilizing clean energy and remain under a 1.50 global warming test done in Paris. 

Various studies done on air pollution and global warming focused on the creation of roadmaps for Green New Deal for 143 nations that will help them to move towards clean energy. The countries contribute about 99.7% of emitted CO2 in the world, and they have to shift to the utilization of wind, solar, and water power by 2050. In this context, the Finish studies on renewable energy believes that Saudi Arabia can shift to full use of renewable energy by 2040 despite the region having the largest deposits of oil in the world. 

Studies on the Future of Renewable Energy

The various studies done in the world today point out the possibility of entirely using renewable energy soon. Derived from the IEA insight, many countries are laying down plans to shift towards clean energy and reduce the emission of carbon gases, which lead to global warming. The IEA publication of 2018 (R2018) says that by 2024, there will be an increase of over 50% in clean energy consumption. Most of the countries, especially in the UK, are focusing on the use of wind energy. The majority of the nations are also incorporating photovoltaic (PV) utilization, and studies predict a 250% increase within a short period.  

Additionally, studies show that China is the leading consumer of renewable energy globally, with PV as the chief source of energy. The European Union is also using the PV energy, and its consumption is to increase by 57%. There is a perceived increase in the UK's renewable energy use by 30% by 2024 with a linear rise, while at the same time, there is a predictable decline in gas and coal. The findings are IEA projections that depend on the political climate and the consistency of governments to formulate policies that favor the use of renewable energy.  

The future of renewable and clean energy is promising, and most of the countries are working towards attaining it. It is the work of the business leaders, stakeholders, and policymakers to ensure collaboration to speed up the transition towards sustainable energy and a clean future.


Published on: 13 May 2020

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