Why Essay Writing is an Important Skill in College

Why Essay Writing is an Important Skill in College

 Students in colleges often encounter various kinds of assignments during their studies. For instance, a teacher may ask students to write an essay on a particular topic or subject. Unfortunately, most students in colleges and universities do not have the skills needed to deliver a great essay. Some of these skills are creative writing and the use of correct formatting. There are numerous reasons why essay writing is an essential skill in college.

 Essay Writing Helps a Student Develop Their Critical Thinking

 Most essays require a student to engage their mind in various ways. One may need to think critically to come up with a topic and ideas for their essay. Moreover, writing requires a purposeful and reflective analysis to help one conclude when presenting ideas. A student may have to research and write about an ordinary topic which comprises of detailed science. The steps involved during research and writing stimulate a student to analyze a subject from various perspectives. This skill can also be beneficial in a person’s life, especially in their career.

Essay Writing Improves Communication Skills

 One of the benefits of essay writing skills is that they help a person improve their communication skills. Essays mainly require a student to organize their ideas in an orderly manner that can communicate to a reader. Moreover, some types of essays, such as argumentative essays, require a person to convince the reader using facts and statistics. This improves one’s knowledge of the specific field and helps a person learn how to communicate their arguments effectively.

 Essay Writing Displays a Student’s Understanding of the Subject

Trainers use essays as a way of assessing a person’s understanding of a particular topic. Some students may have a good understanding of the subject but lack knowledge on how to express it in writing. Essay writing skills are crucial as they help a person display their proficiency in a particular field. Moreover, essay writing can also be used as a means of examining whether or not a student should continue pursuing a course. For example, a lack of proper writing skills may cause a student to plagiarize work, which may lead to expulsion.

Essay Writing Improves Research Skills

 Detailed research is the core requirement and component of a great essay. The writing skills of a person may depend on the sources they use to gather information for their paper. Failure to conduct proper research may cause a student to write a shallow paper or one that contains false information. On the other hand, the use of credible sources of information such as published academic journals proves that a student has a good understanding of the subject matter.

Essay Writing Improves Creativity, Imagination, and Knowledge

Writing an essay requires imagination that is both realistic and convincing. Acquiring essay writing skills stimulates the brain, which can help a person improve their creativity. A person may write a real-life story in a narrative essay but add an imaginative aspect to make it more interesting. Creativity and imagination are also essential skills that can improve a person’s awareness and memory.

Essay Writing Skills Can Help One Secure a Part-Time Job

 Students enrolled in colleges and universities may depend on odd jobs to pay for their studies. Luckily, there is a high demand for authors and writers due to technological advancement, especially in the information sector. A student with good essay writing skills can secure a part-time job as a journalist or content developer. Additionally, one can start a blog on a website or social media platform. The skills to write a good essay will not only be beneficial in school, but they can also help a person earn income.

Essay Writing Skills Can Help One Advance Studies

 Some academic institutions may require a student to write an admission essay to enroll in the school. Such a task may require one to explain why a specific course interests them or why they prefer a particular institution. Furthermore, most establishments require students to write a scholarship essay that will enable them to obtain funding for their education. Possessing essay writing skills is crucial as it may help one secure a placement in their dream school. Moreover, one may use this skill to convince well-wishers that they deserve a scholarship, and they will make good use of the opportunity.

Writing Skills Help Students Compete Favorably

 Most academic institutions across the world are using modern education methods. Essay writing skill is one of the most crucial requirements that help students transition from one academic level to another. Lack of this skill may make it hard for one to survive in the competitive education sector. Some minor mistakes, such as punctuation and grammar error, may cost a student their academic excellence. However, essay writing skills will make it possible for a student to identify mistakes in their document. Such may include syntax errors and lack of flow in the paper.

Tips for Writing a Great Essay

  • Use short sentences that are precise and easy to understand.
  • Avoid using repetitive sentences as they may make a paragraph monotonous and confuse a reader.
  • Always use the active voice of a verb instead of a passive voice.
  • Avoid using filler words and phrases as they make a sentence lose meaning.
  • Avoid the use of jargon
  • Always create an outline before writing an essay.
  • Improve your writing skills by reading books and journals.
  • Always proofread your work before submitting it.
  • Pay attention to grammar and punctuation errors when editing.
  • Always check your essays for plagiarism and make any necessary changes.
  • Avoid procrastinating writing tasks as they may accumulate.  

Essay writing is one of the most crucial skills that a student needs to succeed in their academics. Moreover, possessing this skill can help a person secure a job or promotion. Unfortunately, some students may lack adequate time to write and deliver their essay within the deadline. Additionally, one may lack confidence in their writing skills and require help. EssayTank provides you with reliable essay writing skills that will boost your grades. Our writers can tackle various kinds of essays, such as argumentative and descriptive, among others.


Published on: 20 Jun 2020

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