Commemorative Speech Writing Skillls

Commemorative Speech Writing Skillls

 A commemorative speech refers to a type of talk made at a special occasion to celebrate an institution, person, or specific situation. People mainly give this speech to show gratitude and inspire the audience. Students from various parts of the world make this speech during their graduation and other occasions such as a scholarship awarding ceremony. Here is a guide on how to write an intriguing commemorative speech.

How to Write a Commemorative Speech

  • Decide on the Topic

The topic one chooses for a commemorative speech depends on the nature of the occasion. The event can either be to celebrate a deceased person, a historical incident, or critical achievement. The selected topic should always match the content of the speech and the intended audience. One can list down various keywords and phrases to help them brainstorm on the matter.

  •  Research

Once a person settles on the topic and subtopics to discuss, they should do comprehensive research. In case one is writing about a family member, he or she can talk to someone close to them. This step will help a person gather crucial information about the subject of the speech. On the other hand, if the address is about a historical figure, one can get more details about the person in a local library. However, one should refrain from interviewing people who do not know the subject very well as they may give incorrect or false information.

  •  Create a Draft

A draft is an ideal way of evaluating the information collected and the quality of a speech. One should start by taking short notes when researching or interviewing a person. The draft can include the subtopics and facts you wish to discuss. These notes will also function as a reference once you decide to write the final commemorative speech.

  •  Write the Speech

 A commemorative speech can be emotional to write, especially if it is about a deceased person. Hence, one should ensure that they feel relaxed and ready. Use the outline to expand the speech while ensuring that the document has a natural flow. Additionally, take a break occasionally to brainstorm on other ideas. A person should also avoid using complicated words and phrases, even if the intended audience is an educated one. After completing writing the speech, let it lay for a day or more before you read it for editing.

  • Edit the Speech

Reading a commemorative speech after a day will help you identify any error. Go through the document several times while looking out for punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. One can also ask someone else to read the paper and help to identify any areas that need correction. A person should also refer to the notes to ensure that the information provided is correct. Additionally, one may also find more ideas they can include in the speech.

  •  Share the Commemorative Speech

 Sharing the speech with another person before presenting it to the audience will help one improve their confidence. Moreover, one can evaluate whether or not some portions of the document lack flow then proceed to make the necessary corrections.

The Outline of a Commemorative Speech

  • The Importance of the Topic

Affirming the main aim of the speech is one way to attract the attention of the audience. In case the speech is about a particular person, share with the audience something interesting about them. On the other hand, if the address is about a specific event, you can engage the audience by stating how the occasion unites people.

  •  The Reason for Making the Speech

A speech should explain to the audience why a person is paying tribute to the subject. One can include a list of reasons why the person or occasion is honorable.

  • Highlight the Subject’s Achievements

 When giving a commemorative speech, a person should always highlight the achievements made. Additionally, one should explain the value of those efforts and tell the audience who the results benefit.

  • Empathize with the audience

 A commemorative speech should contain words that motivate and inspire the audience. One can come up with a creative way of making the audience believe that they also can achieve the occasion they are celebrating. This part may include advice on the practices that people should emulate.

  • Summary

 The ideal way to end a commemorative speech is by thanking the attendees and highlighting the main reason for the address briefly.

 The Features of a Great Oral Presentation

 An incredible commemorative speech should attract the attention of your audience and give them a desire to listen to it to the end. Moreover, it should provide listeners with a positive impression of the subject and help them understand it or them better. Various features can make an oral presentation great such as;

  •  Audience engagement

 There are various ways a person can engage their audience when delivering a commemorative speech. For instance, one can try adding some jokes to a tribute while ensuring that they stay within a reasonable limit.

  •  Positivity

 An overly passionate speech may appear unnatural and bore the audience. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that the tribute has a generally positive aspect. For instance, when commemorating a deceased person, one can include some fun moments shared with the person. If the speech is for a graduation, one should ensure the message they deliver empowers the listeners.

  • Relevance

 A commemorative speech should contain details that connect to the audience. An ideal way to ensure the attendees relate to your address is by referring to collective memories. Additionally, one should try to make their talk precise by mentioning specific groups, people, and occasions.

  • Inspiration

A commemorative speech should not only engage the listeners, but it should also highlight the values one wishes to share with the audience. A person should use this as an opportunity to show gratitude to people who helped him or her make achievements. One can also use it to express the value and role of the subject of the speech.

This guide on how to write a commemorative speech will enable you to come up with ideas on what to write. However, EssayTank can provide you with assistance in case you do not have adequate time or you need the services of a professional writer. We can help you come up with a commemorative speech for any event while ensuring it is engaging.


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