Coronavirus Sample Essay

Coronavirus Sample Essay

Epidemics pose both physiological and biological effects on human beings. The Coronavirus pandemic, in particular, has led to the decline of most economic activities, restriction of local and international travel, in addition to the spread of panic and fear across the world. Below is more information on what coronavirus is, how it spreads, and its effects on various sectors.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus comprises of related viruses that cause various illnesses in birds and mammals. Some coronaviruses can cause mild respiratory infections in humans like the common cold, while some viruses like MERS and SARS cause severe respiratory infections and sometimes lead to death. Signs and symptoms of Coronaviruses infections vary in animals; in pigs and cows, the virus causes diarrhea, while in chicken, it leads to upper respiratory tract infections. 

The earliest discovery of human coronaviruses occurred in the late 1960s with versions coronavirus OC43 and coronavirus 229E. Later in December 2019, Wuhan China reported a pneumonia outbreak caused by a new coronavirus in humans. According to the CDC, This virus possesses a 70% genetic resemblance to SARS-CoV and has a 96% similarity in genetic composition with the bat coronavirus. Most people widely suspect that the virus originated from bats and then transmitted to humans. This new form of coronaviruses in humans has led to 16,559 confirmed deaths, and 381,598 confirmed respiratory tract infections as of March 24th, 2020. 

Transmission of Coronavirus in Humans

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID 2019) poses high public health risks due to its ease of transmission. The human-human spread of coronavirus occurs through contact with infected objects and contaminated respiratory droplets emitted when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

The main symptoms of the illness include; headache, fever, sneezing, dry cough, and difficulty in breathing, but some patients experience a running nose, diarrhea, body aches, sore throat, and nasal congestion. Coronavirus can affect an individual at any age. However, the disease poses fatal illnesses in older humans and those with underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, and chronic respiratory conditions.

While some individuals get infected with the virus but show no symptoms, others get an upper respiratory tract infection depicting fever, headaches, and dry coughs. In the worst case, an infected person develops a severe infection in the lungs that display pneumonia-like symptoms. According to Professor John Wilson, president-elect of the Royal Australian College of Physicians, only 6% of individuals that tested positive for the coronavirus in Wuhan and sought medical help developed a severe illness.

According to a report presented by WHO, 80% of individuals infected with COVID-19 get well without the need for any specialist treatment. Among a group of 6 infected individuals, only one person becomes seriously sick and develops breathing difficulty.

Political Impacts

The coronavirus epidemic has led to numerous political disruptions and reformations in the world. Several provincial level administrators belonging to the Communist Party of China (CPC) lost their jobs over poor handling of the quarantine directives. Some political experts believe this move was a way of shielding the (CPC) general secretary from citizen’s frustration over the spread of the virus. Just after the outbreak, Hong Kong saw an increase in protests due to fear of immigration from China mainland. Several states like Cambodia have taken the epidemic as a chance to demonstrate their support towards China.

The Islamic Republic of Iran so far has at least 10% of its legislature in addition to approximately 15 former and current government administrators infected with the virus. On the other hand, the United States President Donald Trump got criticized for making several false statements, racists comments undermining the epidemic’s significance and providing inadequate information. The president also faced the citizen’s rage for closing down the United States National Security Council global health security unit initially founded to keep the government ready for epidemics.

Impacts of Coronavirus on the Education Sector and Religion

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the closure of most schools and universities all over the world. Governments in over 70 countries announced and implemented this closure as of March 16th, 2020. The complete closure of schools has affected more than 421 million students globally, while localized closures have risked the lives of over 577 million students.

Likewise, the coronavirus epidemic has seen most governments ban public gatherings, which has led to the dissolution of various worship meetings. This directive has prompted many mosques, synagogues, churches, and temples to avail worship services through a live stream on multiple social media platforms. Followers of various religious beliefs have organized prayers to request the supernatural power they believe in to end the pandemic. Also, most religious organizations have donated gloves, patient monitors, face shields, coronavirus nucleic acid, and food to the regions affected by the disease. Some presidents have also declared certain days as national prayer days to dedicate their nations to God.

Impacts of Coronavirus epidemic on the Economy

The coronavirus epidemic has led to economic contractions in countries directly or indirectly affected by the disease. China, Italy, and Spain, among other advanced world economies, have had some of their significant cities under emergency lockdowns, paralyzing most economic activities. Additionally, the travel ban implemented by most countries has led to a substantial decline in tourism, the international business in addition to the importation and exportation of goods.

In the USA alone, the pandemic put the jobs of 14 million individuals in the hospitality and leisure sectors at high risk. Additionally, the coronavirus outbreak has rendered 5 million individuals in China unemployed between January and February 2020.

Impact of Coronavirus on the Entertainment and Sports Industry

The closure of most movie theatres and cinemas has led to a decline in the global box office and an increase in the popularity of movie streaming. There was the postponement of the release of most films, film productions stopped, and most festivals canceled. 

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