10 Platforms to Use when Creating and Designing Presentations

10 Platforms to Use when Creating and Designing Presentations

The effectiveness of any design and presentation depends on the software and platform one uses. There are various apps that one can use to make a presentation either for a class project or business. Each of these platforms contains features that can ease use and improve the outlook of the document. Here are ten platforms that facilitate the creation of presentations.   


Canva is a cloud-based software that has numerous templates for various business publications. Such include resumes, business cards, brochures, and media kits. This platform provides visually excellent slide templates that help individuals develop designs that are in the required presentation dimensions. By using this software, one can benefit from several premade templates that will enhance the features of the presentations. However, this software is mostly applicable for graphic designs; hence, it may fail to accommodate transition effects for presentations. Despite being one of the best apps due to its interactive nature, it also has some limitations. Canva can only create non-linear presentations, which may cause motion sickness.


CustomShow is a software commonly used in making business to business sales presentations. This app can help a user reduce the dullness present in PowerPoint, especially when making a marketing presentation. CustomShow also has various editing tools that enable a person to create a presentation that has detailed visualization.  Additionally, one can use the software to distribute sales material to partners while taking full control of messaging and branding.

Google Slides

Google Slides has many similarities to the commonly used PowerPoint. For instance, this software allows users to edit and modify files on the platform. However, unlike PowerPoint, Google Slides is available to users online at no cost, which makes it possible for a person to use it while browsing.  This platform has 20 themes that one can use as templates.  Google Slides also allows several people to use the platform simultaneously. The software also provides a clustered taskbar with straightforward usage ability for the users.   

Haiku Deck

Hailu Deck is a software that has many similarities to PowerPoint, but it has an additional feature of striking visuals. One can use this feature to enhance the beauty of the background of their presentation. This software is helpful when one needs to create an image-oriented presentation.  Haiku Deck also has numerous templates and images, which a person can use to increase the quality of their presentations. Moreover, the platform is easy to use and allows multiple people to use it simultaneously.

Key Note

Keynote is a presentation software made by Apple and loaded in Macs. The software has 30 themes that form various templates from which users can choose. Key Note is more appealing compared to PowerPoint as it enables one to engage their audience by incorporating visuals and bullet points. The platform also makes it possible for a user to share the application with other people regardless of their location. This software is easy to use and free to download on a Mac.


 Prezi is a platform that one can use to create a non-linear presentation. This type of presentation design is effective because it helps users to stay engaged throughout the design process. While switching from slide to slide, it is easy to create a pan and zoom outcome. This feature makes it easy for the audience to avoid side to side transitions. Prezi can also help a user improve their presentation using the design library that has approximately 100 templates.


SlideDog is a unique platform because it allows users to display additional files such as documents and videos while making presentations. This feature enables a person to gather all the required media in one presentation. However, unlike other platforms, SlideDog does not have a library, but a provision for users to upload their media. The app can also combine videos, PowerPoints, Prezis, and web pages on a presentation.  Additionally, a user can share the presentation with the audience during production. On top of being free for download, it is compatible with PC desktops.


Visme is a software that allows users to customize templates to have additional features as per personal liking. The software is ideal for people who have little or no experience in design.  This is because of the vast array of templates available to help in the production of a high-quality presentation.  Visme also facilitates the creation of slides and enables a user to incorporate media. Moreover, the platform allows free sharing of the software among multiple users, at no cost.


This presentation platform enables a user to incorporate videos and animations in their presentations. It easy to use as it contains features that help a user generate high-quality dynamic media. Vyond is also a diverse presentation platform as it allows a person to produce compelling visualized data that incorporates moving texts and images. These types of presentations are engaging to the audience, and when used well, they can deliver tremendous results to the people that apply them.

Zoho Show

 Zoho Show allows a user to create slides using a fundamental and straightforward interface. The app has various features that enable a person to get an improved experience while utilizing it. For instance, the software has a full design library offering 17 internal themes. Additionally, one can use animated effects to enhance the visualization of the slides in their presentation. This app also makes it possible for multiple users to operate it simultaneously.  Zoho Show is usable on both desktops and android devices. Moreover, the simplified interface makes it easy for a user with no prior experience to navigate through the software.

Creating a presentation can be challenging, especially when one does not know which software best suits their needs. Additionally, this task may require a person to research the relevant topic to come up with content for the presentation. EssayTank provides presentation creation services at affordable costs. Our writers have the proficiency needed to use various types of software for making presentations.


Published on: 23 Jun 2020

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