Demonstration Speech Topics Ideas

Demonstration Speech Topics Ideas

 A demonstration speech is a type of speech given to teach the audience how to perform something using the skills of an expert. Teachers can use this type of presentation to test the analytical, writing and public speaking skills of a student. This speech may also involve presenting the practical steps one should follow when performing a task. One can also use visual aids such as charts, graphs and PowerPoint presentations to help the audience understand the topic better.

Demonstration Speech Topic Topics for College Students

  • How to ride a horse
  • How to organize a house party
  • How to write a great argumentative essay
  • How to do some of the most useful yoga steps
  • How to learn salsa
  • How to make a homemade salt bath
  • How to become a good ballerina dancer
  • How to make a scrapbook
  • Ways to design a Halloween mask
  • How to decorate your house using flowers
  • How to write a business proposal
  • How to manage your breath when singing
  • How to write secret messages using invisible ink

Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas About Nature

  • How to predict the weather
  • How to track an animal in a forest
  • How to identify various types of rocks
  • How to identify poisonous plants
  • How to organize a camping kit
  • How to repel mosquitoes during camping
  • How to read the terrain of a place without using a map
  • How to survive a poisonous snake bite
  • How to hunt for food in the wilderness
  • Ways to live in the desert

Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas About Pets

  • How to wash a dog
  • How to take care of a stray cat
  • How to correctly feed a cat
  • How to potty train a cat
  • How you interpret your pet's behavior
  • How to train a parrot to talk
  • Ways to take care of a sick pet
  • How to ride a horse
  • Ways to soothe a frightened dog
  • How to set up an aquarium
  • How to adopt a pet from an animal shelter

Demonstration Speech Ideas About Yards and Gardening

  • How to prepare a landscaping plan
  • How to build a fence
  • How to plant a tree
  • How to lay paving stones
  • How to construct a greenhouse
  • How to make a compost bin
  • Ways to maintain gardening tools
  • How to make a deck garden
  • Ways to graft flowers
  • How to build a bird feeder
  • How to construct a swing
  • How to enhance safety at a children's play yard

Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas on Sports

  • How to make a surfboard
  • How to select the appropriate gaming equipment
  • How to catch fish in a river
  • How to read opponents movements when playing tennis
  • How to smoke fish properly
  • How to oil the parts of a motorcycle
  • How to learn zip-lining
  • Ways to avoid sporting injuries
  • Ways to be a team player when playing basketball
  • How to effectively train for Olympic games
  • How to play cards
  • Techniques you can use to shoot a goal
  • How to fix a car puncture

Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas About Food

  • How to make a cup of tea
  • How to organize a barbecue party
  • How to make chocolate
  • How to prepare fried chicken
  • How to decorate a cake using fondant
  • How to make sprinkles
  • How to make a menu for a wedding ceremony
  • Ways to store frozen meat safely
  • How to write a grocery shopping list
  • How to clean and organize a refrigerator
  • How to bake cookies
  • How to store dry fruits
  • Creative ways to fold napkins
  • How to ensure you prepare a balanced diet
  • How to clean and store fresh vegetables
  • How to cook economically

Demonstration Speech Topics on Personal and Social Life

  • How to communicate with a deaf person
  • How to read people's body language
  • How to play with a toddler
  • How to check for a pulse if a person is unconscious
  • Effective self-defense mechanisms
  • Ways to purchase clothes online correctly
  • Easiest methods you can use to learn foreign languages
  • Ways to sew clothes
  • How to prepare food for a weaning baby
  • How to give a vote of thanks after an occasion
  • How to plait curly hair
  • How to hold a staff meeting
  • How to do a cheap house makeover
  • How to start a business after resigning from work
  • How to select clothes that suit your style
  • How to avoid impulse buying

How to Create an Outline for a Demonstration Speech

A good outline can help a person organize their ideas and deliver an excellent demonstration speech. Moreover, an overview can help one research on the topic before they write the process. Here is a guide on how to come up with an overview of a demonstration speech.

  • Find Out How Long the Speech Will Take

Finding out the amount of time a speech will take is essential, as it may help you know the amount of content to include. A lengthy speech may consume the allocated time and bore the audience. Worse still, you may not have adequate time to conclude the demonstration.

  • Learn More about the Target Audience

A person should learn the most crucial aspects of their audience before preparing a speech. Such may include their age, education level and interests. This step will help one make the subject of their demonstration suit their audience and engage them.

  • Give a Brief Description of the Main Topic

The introduction of a speech should give a brief description and an overview of the subject. Moreover, one should inform the audience why they selected a particular topic. The demonstration speech should also provide a step by step description of the entire process.

  • Proofread and Rehearse the Speech

Proofreading your speech will help you identify any errors in the flow of the document. One should go through all the ideas, and critical points then make any needed changes.  Moreover, a person should rehearse the speech before the official day to make the presentation. In case the topic is complicated, one can consider having a partner to help them with the setup.

 An excellent demonstration speech is one way to showcase your writing and public speaking skills. At EssayTank, we provide students with professional demonstration speech writing services. We have a large number of qualified writers who can tackle various subjects.


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