Sociology Essay on End of Life Decisions

Sociology Essay on End of Life Decisions

End of life (EoL) planning is an essential idea that enables individuals to control their health care and financial decisions when they are weak. This notion is most suitable among the elderly, especially those that are sick. People, not only in the USA but across the globe, make an end of life decision when they feel that they want to have an enjoyable life with lots of care when they are incapacitated. In the USA, the idea presents a significant popularity, especially among the baby boomers.

Benefits of EoL Planning and Decisions to Americans

Planning on the end of life is a positive experience that enables one to reflect on essential things in life and acting according to what is suitable. In this case, the Americans can learn more about their conditions and understand what they are facing. Also, it is the time when an individual's family knows their medical treatments and preferences, and this helps in the collective making of decisions. Highlighting the medical preferences also helps the family to understand the type of life you would love to live. EoL planning is also an essential contributor to making well-thought decisions because an individual appoints someone who will make decisions on their behalf. Besides, end of life planning is crucial in putting the finances in order and up to date for easy writing of a will and plan of other personal matters.

EoL Planning and Decisions Among Americans

The issue of end of life planning and decisions is a complicated matter in the US. National debates are focusing on healthcare reforms about the decisions of individuals towards their final stages of life. The majority of the public believe that people should have a right to choose whether they are willing to stay alive during medical treatment or not. Also, most people understand that they should involve family members in making decisions about their EoL planning. Most unsurprisingly, studies show that the US' elderly believe that the best way to deal with the end of life is by having a mental alertness, physical comfort, and family well-being.  

Although end of life planning is an essential idea among the baby boomers in the US, many people do not plan it. This is because society still has not come to terms with death as the normal part of living. Also, people are noting incorporating EoL as some do not have relevant information about what to do. Most of the Americans are reluctant to sign a living will, for instance, because they feel they will not get the best care if they say that they do not want it. This makes it hard for individuals to have conversations with their loved ones about what they have in mind.

End of life planning and decisions is crucial as it provides a significant organization of an individual's life. Without a good plan, there will be no good care directed to the elderly, and family members will not be able to understand what their loved ones wished for their lives to be. In this regard, the US citizens need to fight along with debates that focus on EoL planning and decision. 


Published on: 13 May 2020

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