How to Format an Article Review

How to Format an Article Review

An article review is a paper that gives a summary of a specific topic. The main aim of this essay is to provide a reader with a better understanding of the subject matter. An article review also surveys published studies instead of stating new facts regarding an issue. This type of paper is comprehensive, so it requires a student to have a detailed understanding of the matter. Therefore, one must structure their arguments in an orderly manner and make a logical evaluation to score good grades in an article review.

 Types of Article Reviews

 An article review can either be a literature review or a critical review. In a critical review, a student analyzes a particular text while in a literature review, one reviews several materials on the topic. The most types of common article reviews are;

  • Research review

This type of review evaluates the research method used in a study or survey. One then evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the technique.

  • Journal review

A journal review analyses the validity of a publication by providing a reader with a detailed analysis. This scrutiny enables a person to evaluate the value of an article.

  • Science article review

This type of review contains an analysis of the background information on the topic of discussion.

What to do Before Writing an Article Review

Organizing thoughts before writing any paper helps ideas to flow. Following these steps will help you know how to format an article review.

·      Go through the article and list down the important facts, contradictions, and contributions.

·      Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the publication then note them down.

·      Divide the outline into specific sections and subheadings that you will expound in the body.

·      Select a referencing style in case the trainer did not specify the one to use.

·      Prepare a word document template to use when writing. Make sure to observe the rules of the selected writing style.

 How to Format an Article Review

 A student may know how to analyze a text but lack the understanding of how to format an article review. The format used when writing an article review should align with the required citation style. Here are the steps one should follow when writing an article review.

  • Come up With a Title for the Article Review

 An article review should have a short and simple title. However, the title should be interesting enough to make the reader go through the rest of the document. One should also avoid using complicated words or phrases in the title.

  • Cite the Reviewed Article

One should cite the article they are about to review just below the title. This step makes it possible for a reader to access the original item before reading the review. At this step, one should ensure they chose a specific citation style to use when referencing. One can either use ASA, APA, Chicago, MLA, or Turabian referencing styles. Moreover, a student ought to maintain the selected formatting style throughout the paper.

  • Introduction

 The introduction should give a reason why a person chose the specific article for their review. Additionally, one can state the aspects that intrigue them in the piece. A student can also explain the relevance of the review at that time and state the author’s thesis. In case the original article does not contain a specific thesis, it is upon a person to identify the author’s stand. An introduction should also state the main theme in the article in addition to key points of evaluation and discussion.

  •  Summary of the Reviewed Article

Some readers may not have enough time or interest to read the reviewed article. On the other hand, other readers may go through the piece but fail to identify the main points. Hence, when writing a review, one should explain the key points, claims, and research results of the article. A student can paraphrase the supporting evidence and findings in one paragraph while avoiding plagiarism. Additionally, you may include approximately two direct quotes from the article to help readers relate.

  • The Body

The body of an article is review is crucial as it assesses the clarity and insight of the document. One can discuss each point in the article separately and describe the evidence used. In case you identify any bias in the paper, let the reader know. Additionally, a student should support their edicts using proper explanations and article citations. The reviews must also sound sensible and have a logical perspective of the discussed matter. It is also crucial to ensure that a person does not give any views that may appear biased. The body of an article review should also provide an opinion on the author’s contribution to the subject.

  • The Conclusion

 The conclusion of an article review takes a maximum of 300 words. Start this section by reinstating the main idea of debate and give a brief of your stand. The conclusion should also provide an opinion regarding the quality of the article and recommendations for further research.

  • References

A good article review ends with a list of the references used when writing the paper. This section is crucial as it credits other documents that provide evidence to back your claims. It would also be best to maintain the same referencing style used in the body and introduction.

  • Proofreading

 Proofreading a document helps to get rid of spelling and grammar errors. Moreover, one can evaluate the flow of the text and make corrections to improve quality. In case you have enough time, you can put the review aside for a day. However, in case you have limited time, allow the article review to rest for an hour then read it. Pay attention to typing and punctuation errors while ensuring the data provided is valid.  Moreover, confirm that each stated point is true and relevant to the review.

A student may lack the knowledge on how to format an article review. On the other hand, you may know how to write the paper but require adequate time to complete it. EssayTank writers will relieve you of the pressure of writing an article review.


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