The Disadvantage of Using Free Online Paraphrasing Tool

The Disadvantage of Using Free Online Paraphrasing Tool

 Academic institutions check student’s assignments such as research papers and essays for plagiarism when receiving them. Hence, some students may use various measures to avoid copying work from published sources. Paraphrasing tools are internet sites that can alter writing to make it appear different from the original text. Most of these sites are easy to use, and a student can easily find them online.

Why Do Students Use Free Online Paraphrasing Tools?

 A large number of paraphrasing tools available online are easy to locate using internet search engines. Hence, people who may lack adequate time or require skills in summarizing other people’s ideas tend to use these sites. Additionally, when a person has a task they need to write in a different language, they may feel that the tools can do a better translation. On the other hand, some people use free paraphrasing tools due to the idea that the sites can rewrite a published job faster.

What Nature of Content does Online Paraphrasing Tools Produce?

 Most online paraphrasing tools rely on basing language rules. For instance, a site can use a similar phrase or a synonym to replace the words used in the original text. However, the terms used for replacement may have a slightly different meaning depending on the nature of the content. Moreover, paraphrasing tools do not alter non-content words such as and, in and the. These sites also tend to avoid changes in internet addresses and terms that are near punctuation marks.

The Disadvantages of Using Free Online Paraphrasing Tools

 Despite being helpful in some ways, online paraphrasing tools that are available for free have some disadvantages. These sites may be a significant threat to the academic integrity of a student and may cost them good grades. Additionally, these tools may encourage laziness because a student will depend on computer-generated content instead of putting in some effort. Using these sites may also prevent a person from learning ways in which they can paraphrase another person’s work.

 Online paraphrasing tools do not always give an accurate alteration of the original text. Some of the synonyms used may not deliver the same message communicated by the source. Moreover, most of the generators do not consider any grammar errors in the paraphrased content. Hence, using these tools may lower the quality of a person’s work considerably, even if a reader can understand the document.   

 Another disadvantage of online article spinners is that they do not have any proofreading tools. Hence, a user has to go through the entire text to confirm that it has no grammar errors and that it passes the intended information. This step may consume more time compared to the time one would take if they rewrote the text themselves. Additionally, one may have to reorganize the paragraphs to make the ideas flow, which may be frustrating.    

Why Paraphrasing Is a Crucial Skill

 Paraphrasing is a crucial skill that every student or writer should possess. This skill is an indicator that a person understands another person’s text and ideas. Moreover, one can use it to explain the meaning of a sentence to the reader. One can also use this ability to avoid the excessive use of quotes. A well-paraphrased paper may also indicate that a student has a good understanding of the subject in discussion. Moreover, having this skill will help a person avoid using online paraphrasing tools that may deter them from developing their writing proficiency.

 Academic writing also requires that a person acknowledges the sources they use to derive information for their paper. Hence, paraphrasing is also an ideal way to use other sources of data for an essay or research paper, as long as one proved the references.

 A Guide on How to Paraphrase

 There are various techniques and strategies one can use to improve their paraphrasing skills. Here is a guide on how you can paraphrase any text effectively.

  • Read and understand the information you wish to paraphrase before making alterations.
  • In case any words are hard to understand in the text, use a dictionary to check their meaning.
  • Read the content for a second time. However, in case you feel confident that you have a good understanding of the subject, you can skim.
  • Ensure you pay attention to the sentences at the beginning of the paragraphs as they contain the key points discussed.
  • Put away the source of information and try to recall the text in your words.
  • Jot down the main ideas and arguments you can recall.
  • Compare your work with the original content while making sure you included the main points.
  • Additionally, make sure you add quotation marks to any keyword or terms that you cannot paraphrase.
  • Finally, record the details of all sources and the authors in case you may need to reference later.

 Using an online paraphrasing tool may cause a student’s work to have numerous errors. Additionally, one will not have the chance to improve their writing skills. So, in case you have a short time to do your assignment, you should consider hiring professional writing services. EssayTank can provide you with writing services on any topic or subject. Our writers have proficiency in paraphrasing an original text to avoid plagiarism while ensuring they maintain the intended information. Moreover, we let our clients monitor the progress of their orders to make sure that the documents contain the required content.


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