The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald: A Summary

The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald: A Summary

The Great Gatsby is a novel written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Nick Carraway, who is a Yale University graduate, narrates the story. He moves to a new city to pursue his career and tells the events of a summer he spent in the place through flashbacks.

The Mysterious Great Gatsby

Nick relocates to New York in 1922 during the summer and rents a house in the West Egg district, London. This town consists of newly wealthy people who are unfashionable and immoral. His neighbor is a secretive man by the name Jay Gatsby. The mysterious man lives in a vast Gothic mansion and hosts parties each Saturday night. Unlike most habitats of the District, Nick has connections with people living in the East Egg. This area is located in Long Island and is home to most wealthy and established people.

 On one evening, Nick drives to East Egg to have dinner with Daisy Buchanan, his cousin, and Tom, who is her husband. The couple introduces him to a cynical and beautiful young lady named Jordan Baker. The two get to know each other and start a romantic relationship. The lady also informs Nick that his cousin has an extramarital affair with a lady named Myrtle Wilson. This lady lives in an industrial dumping area between New York City and East Egg, which Nick refers to as the 'valley of ashes.'

Nick Meets the Great Gatsby

After learning about the affair, he visits New York City with Tom and his lover. The three host a vulgar party in the apartment, and Myrtle insults Tom about his wife. Tom gets angry and hits his mistress in the face breaking her nose. Nick receives an invitation to one of Gatsby fabulous gatherings. At the party, he meets with Jordan Baker and the host, Gatsby, who is a young man with a remarkable smile. Gatsby requests to talk to Jordan in private, and after their conversation, Nick gathers more information about his neighbor. Gatsby informs Jordan that he met Nick's cousin, Daisy, in 1917 and fell in love with her. 

The man also states that he spends most of his nights gazing at a green light at her dock in the mansion. Moreover, he admits that he hosts the extravagant parties to impress Daisy. He requests Nick to organize a reunion between him and Daisy. However, he fears that the lady may refuse to meet him if she learns that he still has deep feelings for her. 

Great Gatsby's Secrets Revealed

 Nick asks Daisy to have tea with him at his house but does not tell her that Gatsby will attend. The two meet in the uncomfortable setting, rebuild their connection, and start an affair. Within a short period, Toms suspects that his wife has a romantic relationship with Gatsby. Soon enough, they attend a Luncheon, and Gatsby stares at Tom's wife with an undeniable passion, making Tom realize the truth. Even though Tom has an affair, he feels agitated by the idea that his wife is unfaithful. He makes the group drive to New York City and confronts Gatsby at the Plaza hotel. Daisy tries to calm the two men down, but Tom states that his wife loves him and has never loved Gatsby. He also says that they have a deep history that Gatsby cannot comprehend. 

The argument intensifies, and Daisy threatens to divorce her husband. Tom reveals that he learned some secrets about Gatsby and informs his wife that the man gained his wealth through illegal activities such as bootlegging alcohol. Gatsby denies that claim to win Daisy back, but he has already lost her trust. After learning the truth about her lover's wealth, Daisy realizes that she owes Tom her loyalty. In an attempt to prove that Daisy and Gatsby cannot hurt him, Tom asks his wife to return to East Egg.

Tragic Death of the Great Gatsby

Jordan, Nick, and Tom pass through the valley of ashes where Tom's lover resides, and they realize that Gatsby's vehicle hit and killed Myrtle. The group rushes to Long Island, and Nick knows that Daisy was driving the car when they had the accident. However, Gatsby is willing to take fault for the incident to prevent his lover from facing charges. The following day, Tom informs George, Myrtle's husband, that Gatsby was driving the vehicle. George already has the perception that the car which caused the accident belongs to his wife's lover. Hence, he looks for Gatsby, finds him in the pool at his residence, then shoots him to death. He then proceeds to end his life using the same gun. 

Nick organizes a funeral for Gatsby and ends his affiliation with Jordan. He then relocates to the Midwest to avoid the people in Gatsby's life and the moral decay among the East Coast residents. Nick echoes that money and dishonesty destroyed Gatsby's dream of having Daisy. Moreover, he compares the situation to the American dream of individualism and happiness that crumbled to the meager pursuit of wealth. 


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