How to Properly Choose a Title for Your Essay

How to Properly Choose a Title for Your Essay

The title of an essay can influence the quality of the paper. An exciting title catches a reader’s attention and motivates them to read the rest of the document. On the other hand, a less intriguing title may influence a tutor to grade you wrongly. Hence, before writing an essay, a student should think and research carefully on the words to use.

The Qualities of a Good Title for Essay

Before picking a topic for an essay, it is crucial to know the aspects that determine the quality of a title. Here are some ways to improve the quality of your essay title.

  • Use easy to understand words- No reader likes complicated and hard to understand titles. So, avoid rarely used phrases and complex sentence structures. A simple title will make it easy for a reader to understand your essay.
  • Use Active voice- In case your title contains any verbs, ensure you use active voice. For example, use ‘Does Drug Abuse Impact Relationships?’ instead of ‘Are Relationships Impacted by Drug Abuse?’
  •  Use a Believable Title- Students sometimes end up using unrealistic topics when trying to make the essay interesting. A vague title can cost you marks, hence make sure it is complete and accurate.
  • Make the title brief- A lengthy headline can confuse a reader and diminish your writing skills. Ensure the title of your essay is brief and direct then avoid using filler words and phrases.
  • Use precise words- The title of your essay is crucial as it gives a reader a clue about the content of the paper. Make sure you do not use misleading words in your title as they could negatively affect your essay content.

How to Pick a Title for Essay

 It may appear more logical to write a title first, then proceed to generate content for the essay. However, before writing an essay, it is essential not to settle on the title to use. Selecting a topic beforehand may limit the content you want to include in the paper. Start by deciding the subtopics you wish to discuss then write the essay. After completing it, read it several times to identify the central idea, then come up with a title. Additionally, writing the title last helps a student save time that they would use figuring the topic. You can use the time to research, come up with an outline, and write the essay.

 Consider Tone and Topic When Choosing Title for Essay

The tone required in your essay is crucial when selecting a title. Consider the style of the paper you are writing and the nature of the required content. If the essay discusses a serious topic, make sure you do not use humorous words as they can make paper appear sarcastic. In case the piece contains some tale or personal statement, you can use an entertaining and catchy title. Regardless of the tone, make sure the content matches the title to avoid confusing a reader.

The main goal of a title is to give meaning to the essay without disclosing the content entirely. Hence, your title should not provide the reader with a complete idea before they read the entire document. Use your thesis statement to identify the primary purpose, then shorten the statement into fewer and more relevant words. Avoid using jargon as not every reader can familiarize themselves with technical terms. Moreover, ensure you use the keywords of the essay in the title and refrain from using abbreviations.

Consider the Length of The Essay

 Most students make the mistake of selecting a broad topic. In the end, they write an essay that does not cover the matter thoroughly. This influences a reader to feel that the paper provided inadequate information, or it was too general. A narrow topic makes it easy for a person to discuss the central idea comprehensively. For instance, when writing a short essay say, 3-5 pages don’t write on the History of Racism. Instead, select a specific aspect of the issue like the Causes and Impact of Racism.

Select an Intriguing Topic with Available Material

A student should try writing essays on an issue they can relate. It is easier to generate content on a topic if you care about the subject addressed. Additionally, one should consider the availability of research material. The sources of information should also be reliable to avoid including incorrect information. If a student cannot access materials that provides relevant content, they should consider changing the topic. 

Make use of Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is beneficial to both students and writers. One can use this tool when contemplating the title to apply for an essay. SEO can also help one identify the quote related to the main idea of a paper. By typing specific words on Google and adding the word ’quote,' a student can narrow down the research. The search engine will list web pages that contain the quoted words and provide numerous title ideas.


Published on: 31 May 2020

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