Essay on K-Pop and it Influence

Essay on K-Pop and it Influence

Since its origin in 1992, K-pop has dramatically influenced the Western pop culture as many youths are now incorporating slick choreography and addictive melodies in their performances. 

What is K-Pop?

K-pop is a piece of Korean music comprising various genres, such as jazz, R&B, pop, rock, electronic, and hip hop. The idea of the music style was started in 1992 by Seo Taiji and Boys, during a talent show in one of the Korean televisions. The group sang "Nan Arayo,” translated as "I Know" during the event. The song gave them the lowest score, and they lost the competition. However, the song’s popularity began to rise after the event when it became the top hit song for 17 consecutive weeks on the singles charts of South Korea. 

Influence on the Local Artists

The Seo Taiji and Boys inspired many artists in South Korea to focus on such kind of music. Before their breakup in 1996, the group transformed old performances and South Korean music styles then elevated the industry's standards to the point of attracting other artists. The changes inspired many upcoming artists who came up with new ideas that challenged the already set records. The increased popularity raised creativity levels and led to the emergence of studios like JYP Entertainment and SM Town.  

Growth of K-Pop 

Although K-pop has experienced some backlash due to harassment and predatory behavior from the studio managers, there has been significant growth in the K-pop music witnessed across the globe. The beginning of diversification is on the selection of artists, which displays a high standard process that emulates the K-pop culture of producing high-quality songs that gain global traction. Also, there have been increased TV auditions that bring unknown artists to the limelight. The shows are likened to some American auditions such as X-Factor and American Idol, and they play a role in expanding the K-pop culture and showcasing other talents in the entertainment industry. 

Influence of K-pop to Pop Culture

The incorporation of quality production values, slick choreography, and addictive melodies has made it easy for K-pop to influence global audiences, especially in the last ten years. K-pop started playing in different languages like English, thus exporting the K-pop culture to other countries, including the US. The song “Fantastic Baby” and “Gangnam Style” gained popularity and paved the way for the influence of K-pop culture in Western countries. This influence led to the popularity of youth group artists known as BTS in 2017.  

Pop culture now involves the use of impressive vocals, appealing personalities, and a dedication to perfection. These aspects originate from K-pop culture, and through the global "idolization" the Western Pop has K-pop's genres and styles. A song like "Lo Siento" by Leslie Grace incorporated some Latin elements of pop, and this increased K-pop's popularity and influence in Latin America. Also, the increased digital spread of K-pop songs has made it easy for American celebrities to incorporate electronic beats in their performance. 

It is worth noting that the winning of K-pop based groups like BTS in international shows is a positive influence on pop culture. Also, the influence is visible when K-pop artists involve themselves with global issues such as philanthropy and taking part in events like the Olympics. Generally, K-pop is all about cultural diversity that intends to reach out to all people in the world. 


Published on: 27 Apr 2020

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