Interesting Psychology Research Paper Topics at College Level

Interesting Psychology Research Paper Topics at College Level

Psychology is an interesting subject that focuses on how the human mind works and how it influences behavior. However, this field entails sophisticated knowledge that can present challenges to students pursuing it. Hence, a person might find it challenging to come up with a psychology topic for a research paper or essay.

Common Psychology Topics According to Categories

Psychology is a broad subject that covers various subfields. When assigned a research paper in psychology, one has the freedom to select any topic in the field. Here is an example of topics one can use for their psychology paper.

Social Psychology Topics

·      How does society model human behavior?

·      Can obedience to an authority figure cause cruelty?

·      How does relating to a specific group alter a person’s behavior?

·      What measures are useful in the control of aggression in riots and demonstrations?

·      Which role does an unfamiliar environment play in Milgram’s shock experiment?

·      Discrimination psychology

·      What causes violence and aggression?

·      The influence of self-perception on social interactions

·      How do close relationships affect people?

 Physiological Psychology Topics

·      The brain mechanisms that lead to bonding

·      The physiology of anger and aggression

·      Which roles do dopamine and serotonin play in feelings of pleasure and reward?

·      What causes the differences in sensation and perception in individuals?

·      Does gender cause physiological differences in the brain?

Mental Health Psychology Topics

·      The roles of environmental factors in triggering depression

·      Types of dementia and the associated symptoms

·      Factors that contribute to the onset of multiple personality disorder

·      How does ADHD affect the quality of a person’s life?

·      Frequent life events and social aspects that affect mental health in the world.

·      Behaviors displayed by people with the obsessive-compulsive condition

·      Personality traits that can lead to increased post-traumatic stress

 Developmental Psychology Research Topics

·      The effects of ignoring the emotional needs of a child on their adulthood

·      The evolution of short-term memory with age

·      The similarities and differences of midlife problems in men and women

·      An analysis of critical emotional needs among children

·      The relationship between child abuse and multiple psychological disorders

·      A study of mirroring behavior in children

Forensic Psychology Topics

·      The reliability of eyewitness memory

·      An analysis of the legal requirements that regulate the minimum age of a witness

·      Forensic psychology rules of conduct that are crucial to follow during court proceedings

·      An evaluation of the dependability of evidence collected under pressure

·      Variation in the understanding of sanity across various countries

Clinical Psychology Topics

·      The role of Cognitive behavioral therapy in the treatment of mental disorders

·      Does Cognitive behavioral therapy help patients with autism?

·      The benefits of emotional support during addiction treatment

·      The use of innovative techniques in the treatment of phobias

·      How to ensure patients with eating disorders adhere to their regimen

·      The use of electroconvulsive therapy in the treatment of severe bipolar disorder and depression

Education Psychology Topics

·      The importance of showing affection when teaching young children

·      The impact of bullying in schools on a student’s self-perception

·      How do material rewards and social enforcement encourage learning?

·      The impact of no homework policies on a student’s academic performance

·      Strategies used in motivating students to learn

·      The impact of self-worth perception on academic performance

·      The influence of parenting style on an individual’s professional specialization

 Health Psychology Topics

·      The efficiency of group therapy in palliative care

·      Interventions that are effective in enforcing substance abuse abstinence

·      Ways to manage stress in chronic illness patients

·      The impact of physical exercise and social interaction on a person’s cognitive abilities

·      The role of psychological assistance in the management of eating disorders

·      How to manage pain using meditation methods

·      How does physical exercise help in controlling moods?

·      Strategies physicians can use to encourage regular screening for patients.

Other Ideas for Great Psychology Topics

  •  Academic Journal or Book Critique

 Students pursuing psychology also have the option of writing a critique for their essay or research paper. For instance, one can analyze the Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud. The most common sources of topics for a critique paper are academic and professional journals. One can easily find these documents online or at the school’s library.

  •  Analysis of a Famous Experiment

There are numerous experiments conducted over the years to help people understand human behavior. These researches provide a wide array of materials to students in search of interesting psychology topics. There are various ways in which one can write a research paper or essay on famous psychology experiments. One can summarize the experiment, evaluate the inferences, or analyze its ethics. Some of the experiments one can consider are;

·      Pavlov’s Conditioning experiments

·      The Stanford Prison experiment

·      The Asch conformity experiment

·      The Milgram obedience experiment

·      Harlow’s Rhesus monkey experiments

  • Writing About a Particular Psychology Career

 A student can also write an essay or research paper on a particular career path in the psychology field. Topics under this category are appropriate if a student wants to explore various subtopics in their area of interest. For instance, one can explore the roles of psychologists in different fields and their respective average income.

  • Conducting an Experiment or Study

 Most psychology courses may require students to perform an experiment or conduct a psychological study. In such a case, one may have the chance to collect data and analyze their findings. Coming up with a topic for an experiment can seem challenging. However, one should start by considering their interests in the subjects they have studied during the course.

 Additionally, one can source for a topic in newspaper articles, journals, and books. However, a student should ensure they educate themselves on the methods and techniques used in conducting psychology experiments.

  • Case Study

Another idea for psychology topics is to write about a case study of an individual or group. A student will have to provide a detailed analysis of their subject, which includes a biography. One can do this by analyzing their subject using psychological theories. However, one should ensure they don’t base their case study on a person they know personally.

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