Sample Argumentative Essay: APA format

Sample Argumentative Essay: APA format

Competition refers to the struggle that exists between opponents that consequently results in one achieving victory while the other ending up suffering defeat. In every aspect of life, competition predominantly dictates winning, and one has to avoid losing entirely. It occurs in businesses, classrooms as well as in sports ("Is Competition Good or Bad?" 2016)

The Benefits of Competition in Markets

Competition is good as it encourages people to become creative and innovative. When there are competing forces in the operation of any event in life, individuals tend to think outside the box to win (Harrison, 2017). The urge to achieve supremacy prompts any involved parties to critically think on ways that will possibly place them ahead of the others. For instance, the athletes will have evoked responses to work hard in the gyms to not only control their emotions but also develop new ideas that will help them defeat their opponents (Harrison, 2017). Also, the presence of competition in businesses prompts companies to innovate or come up with differentiated products that are better than the previous ones. The development of mobile phones can view this idea over time. Apple and Samsung are always competing, and this progress triggers the increased quality of phones to lure customers. Also, the quality of air conditioners rose while prices dropped due to the emergence of competitors. Therefore, the competition tries to solve any arising problems in the society. 

Moreover, the competition encourages cooperation among people in the society. While competing, it is easy to meet individuals from different backgrounds having similar goals or interests. Although the need to cooperate is hard during competition, people may develop organized groups that form not only strong competitive forces but also create strong bonds for fighting together in case of any future uncertainty (Bhasin, 2018). For instance, students form discussion groups that help them handle their daily classroom tasks as well as provide them with skills to revise and get ready for exams successfully. In sports, athletes find themselves cooperating to become successful. Thus, competition is the best way to build individual confidence (Bhasin, 2018). Although everyone wishes to win, forming cooperation with others gives one the willingness to step up and compete as they believe whatever they gain from the group is skillful and better than what the opponents possess.   

Besides, the presence of competitors creates awareness, especially in businesses. Competing is an actual test of the individuals' skills and techniques. Constant winning helps one identify their weaknesses and convert them into strengths, although many people may not be aware of this success (Neubert, 2006). The entrance of other competitors into the system changes everything. The more the competitive pressure created, the more the society will know the players and the products associated. For instance, there was a time when people did not consume bottled water. The demand, however, increased due to the emergence of multiple players. The increased number of companies producing bottled water also increased the level of awareness among the people (Harrison, 2017). Other products that gained better acceptance among the people include digital television, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Therefore, business enterprises need competition to enhance their marketing strategies and help them sell more. 

Possible Problems of Competition

Despite being to the people, competition is bad as it encourages negative development in the society. Although the community still embraces the need to compete for everything, including shelter, food, and other social amenities, the idea weakens people in the long run (“Why competition is bad,” 2015). For instance, the individuals will focus wholly on competitors at the expense of their businesses in addition to developing imitative notions on competitions leading to loss of dignity and identity. Many people fail to understand that competition is about how much time they waste and not about how better they become than their competitors. For example, the competitive pressure created by Google and Microsoft made them focus on each other rather than enhancing their productions to improve the quality of their products and services (“Why competition is bad,” 2015). In this event, the two entities left a gap that allowed Apple to become the largest technology company globally (“Why competition is bad,” 2015). Therefore, it is essential to focus on adding value and avoid initiating a comparison of one individual to the other. 


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