Environmental Science Topics

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A List of Interesting Environmental Science Essay Topics

The life of a student is not always easy. The journey towards success is characterized by hurdles that need to be overcome to get to the next level. Assignments, exams, and impromptu tests are all aimed to equip you with the relevant skills. Therefore gaining an edge in the process makes all the difference. This is because you need to stand out to earn that extra credit and improve your GPA score. Environmental science is an interdisciplinary academic subject that focuses on the natural and unnatural aspects and the associations of the physical elements of the planet on the environment.

This field motivates students to combine several skills and knowledge from various interrelated fields. In this case, students who study environmental science have the advantage of a wide range of topics. This is because it explores the chemistry, biology, geography, physics, social science, Earth and marine sciences disciplines. The combination of these areas allows the students to focus on studying the environment from an integrated perspective. Hence, here is a list of subjects that environmental science covers and interesting essay topics.

What Does Environmental Science Cover?

As an interdisciplinary field, environmental science topics draw from different fields to enhance understanding.

·      Ecology

·      Geosciences (Earth Science)

·      Environmental Chemistry

·      Political Science

·      Economics

·      Geography

·      Philosophy and Ethics

·      Psychology and Sociology

Environmental Science Essay Topics on Ecology

1.    Trends in eating habits that have affected our environment.

2.    How does the ecosystem improve water quality?

3.    How can we minimize the damage caused by fracking?

4.    What is physiological ecology, and why is it important?

5.    Ways through which overconsumption affects the environment

6.    Exposure and health effects of air pollution in our surroundings.

7.    Possible solutions to global warming.

8.    The impact of climate change on our local ecology.

9.    Analyze the concept of competitive exclusion

10. The benefits of the natural green effect.

11. Ecological footprint and the latest technology that has made hazardous waste harmless.

12. An essay on social ecology.

Environmental Science Essay Topics on Earth Science

1.    Principles of tectonic zoning of continents.

2.    The study of hydrological systems.

3.    An essay on hydrothermal vents.

4.    What are some of the environmental issues that can be solved by geology?

5.    Political influence and the Clean Air Act.

6.    Hydroelectricity: Benefits and limitations.

7.    Urban systems and human geography.

8.    Ecofeminism: Women, nature, and animals.

9.    Case analysis of eco-terrorism.

10. Climate Literacy and the essential benefits of exploration.

Environmental Science Essay Topics on Environmental Chemistry

1.        An essay on the study of insecticide degradation and industrial chemicals in contaminated groundwaters.

2.        An evaluation of pollution and its effect on plants, animals, human, and the environment in Algeria.

3.        An essay on the viability of small-scale water purification technology of sustainable development.

4.        Gas and oil offshore drilling waste and the need for prompt changes.

5.        An essay on the benefits of human skeletal remains in the study of landscape archaeology.

Environmental Science Essay Topics on Political Science

1.    Sustainable Development and Government.

2.    The environmental influence in the country’s politics.

3.    Are civil wars a failure of national politics?

4.    The history of international relations.

5.    What is environmental racism, and how does it affect the surroundings in your country?

6.    Environmental policies and developing nations.

7.    Discuss environmental law, justice, and ethics.

Environmental Science Essay Topics on Economics

1.    Describe the concept of the green economy

2.    Discuss how environmental economic monopolies are developed.

3.    How the job market yields are associated with environmental research.

4.    Job market profits are associated with compliance with environmental policies. Discuss

5.    Environmental, economic markets and price bias.

6.    Are environmental sustainability and economic growth a contradiction of some sort?

7.    The correlation between economic development and environmental sustainability.

Environmental Science Essay Topics on Geography

1.    Carbon footprint and climate change.

2.    The growth of the Chinese population and the ways it affects the environment.

3.    The patterns between the environment and healthcare in the United States.

4.    Discuss urbanization and expansion of major cities and how it impacts our surroundings.

5.    Wealth and Income Distribution in the Third World Nations.

6.    The role of women in the 21st century.

7.    Ways Buddhism has spread around the globe.

8.    Analyze and evaluate the structure and the make-up of the atmosphere in industrialized nations.

9.    An essay on environmental determinism: How communities rely on the surrounding world.

10. An essay on the depletion of groundwater in the United States.

11. Pedology of African Nations: Soil Science.  

Environmental Science Essay Topics on Philosophy and Ethics

1.    Discuss property rights and the environment.

2.    An essay on the ethical and philosophical evaluation of the Endangered Species Act.

3.    An essay on consumerism and the environment.

4.    Discuss the morality of eco sabotage.

5.    The ethical impact of deep ecology in developing nations.

6.    An essay on cultural relativism and global surroundings.

7.    Environmental justice in the allocation of scarce resources.

8.    An essay on climate refugees and international accountability.

9.    An essay on ethical alternatives to alternative energy sources.

10. An essay on ethical evaluation of climate change control techniques.

Environmental Science Essay Topics on Psychology and Sociology

1.    The study between the environment and social behavior.

2.    What are some of the ecological ramifications of human actions?

3.    Case study: An analysis of natural and building landscapes.

4.    An essay on the behavioral and psychological outlook of people and nature.

5.    An essay on the relationship between the environment and inequality.

6.    The evolution of climate change and the ways it impacts our environment in the 21st century.

How to come up with an interesting Environmental Science Essay Topic

·      Understand the Instructions

The instruction provided in class offer guidelines that will make the brainstorming process easier and more effective. In this regard, highlight the keywords and concepts that need to stand out in the paper. Once you get a good grasp of the expectations, coming up with the topic will take less time.

·      Focus on the purpose of the study

Understanding paper’s aim, helps you narrow down the topics you can discuss within the provided context. For instance, study’s goal is to determine progress, you can focus on the present efforts on a certain environmental challenges.

·      The topic needs to be interesting.

The objective is to captivate the reader’s attention and discuss an informative and interesting topic. During the brainstorming stage, identify emerging trends within the surroundings and answer the questions you need clarifications.

·      Understand the context

As you develop a good structure for your essay, you need to ensure you remain on topic. Therefore, understanding the context allows you to focus on the most significant aspects of the topic. Context allows you to figure out what is important, what to discard and how to ensure your thoughts align with the work as you find a topic. 



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