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Write a Comprehensive Review of the Documentary 'The Nobility of Policing'

Nobility of Policing

The documentary ‘Nobility of Policing’ by Blue Courage (2015) is an inspirational video meant to encourage police officers as they carry out their duties. The video centers on the tenets of policing and how policing is one of the noblest professions in the world to date. The video serves to remind police officers in U.S. about the nobility of their profession and how it is the duty of every police officer to carry out his/her duties in a noble fashion. The video also focuses on the lives of inspirational police officers who have gone above and beyond to protect the people they are sworn to serve.

Today, most police officers are inundated by criticism from all corners. The civil rights activists and the citizens of the country are always against the police citing injustices, racial discrimination, and other prejudices. The government has many times demonstrated a lack of concern for the police officers. The government does not provide the necessary moral backing to the men and women in uniform.

Often, police officers feel like the work they do is not important because nobody ever stops to say that they have done a good job. The media especially paints a very bad picture of the country’s police force. This is not to mean that the several instances where police officers have acted pre-judicially, inappropriately or with too much force should be ignored. However, the media and other stakeholders seem to be on a witch-hunt against police officers.  

This witch-hunt has left many officers pondering on whether they made the right choice by choosing to become police officers. The media and the public are baying for the officers’ blood leaving most of these officers feeling confused as to whether they should continue with this noble profession. The video is meant to motivate these officers who feel like the society has turned against them and to remind them that their sole duty is to protect and serve despite harsh criticisms seemingly from every corner.

According to the video, the nobility of policing stems from the fact that it touches on every aspect of the society’s structure. The actions of the police officers have a direct influence on the lives of the people that the officers are policing over. It is also a noble profession because these men and women have chosen a life of risk and uncertainty for the greater good of their communities. They risk their lives each and every day to protect members of society without requiring the society to do the same for them.

The video goes on to explain that police officers are the guardians of democracy. Even Plato recognized that in order for any democracy to survive indefinitely, there needed to be guardians whose mission was to safeguard the principles of democracy. The guardians were also supposed to uphold the rule of law and guarantee fundamental fairness for the citizens in the democracy (Blue Courage, 2015).

The video further goes on to explain that the men and women in uniform are not simply officers. By the mandate of the badge they wear, they are leaders. The speakers in the video reinforce the idea that being an officer makes one a leader, and a leader always inspires the people he serves to be hopeful always even in the face of adversity.

Finally, the video calls out to law enforcement agencies to only pick those individuals who have inherently good characters to serve and protect. The speakers in the video admit that public perception of the police force has been tarnished due to the few errant police officers in the force. They believe that it is time to begin rooting out the evil characters from the force and only hire people with integrity.  


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