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Read the following background and scenario for Advanced Laser Clinics. Answer the following questions while incorporating information from the module materials. Ryan, E. Advanced Laser Clinics Retrieved from: Harvard Business Publishing Newsletters Ryan is clearly in a difficult situation. She just started at a new company and is already contending with conflict. As she prepares for her difficult conversation with Gretchen, she is mindful of the fact that there will be a power differential between her and Gretchen. Why is power important to negotiations and this situation? What is the source of power that Ryan holds? Why? When preparing for a difficult conversation, particularly when there is a power differential, it is important to practice or rehearse how you will open the conversation. Based on the facts, put yourself in Ryan's shoes and compose a paragraph that you would state to Gretchen to start the conversation. Another key factor in having a difficult conversation is preparing by having a list of questions ready for the other party. Prepare 5 questions for Ryan to ask Gretchen during the course of their conversation. Ethics plays an important role in all aspects of negotiation and conflict resolution. Identify at least 3 ethical situations that are present or could arise based on the scenario. Explain why each issue is problematic and provide a way of either resolving or preventing it.

Power Differential

1.     Power has the capability to influence negotiations and their outcomes. Distribution of power among the negotiating parties creates a structure that determines the eventual outcome of the bargaining process. Power can also be used as a strategy as perception of power can influence the negotiation process. Furthermore, power is influential in negotiations as it can be used as an approach during the process (Cheng, 2009). When power is used as an approach, a competitive style of negotiation arises. The aim is to win the contest by using status, resources, coercion, and intimidation to win over opponents. In this situation, Ryan holds the power of authority owing to her position in the company. Her position gives her the power over Gretchen and her counterpart.

2.     ‘Good afternoon, Gretchen. How are you today? I have called you here to discuss your performance in the clinic and how we can both work towards improving the working conditions around here. I appreciate the work you have been doing since you started here. Based on your records that I have had the pleasure of going through, you have consistently shown high aptitude in carrying out your tasks. Obviously, you are an essential part of this organization. With that having been said, there are a few things I would like to discuss with you. Hopefully, after this meeting, we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship that will see the company flourish.’

3.     a). Do you like working here? And if so, what makes you happy about working here?

b). What are some of the problems you face as you go about your daily activities? What do you think the management should do to in a bid to alleviate the problems you face? Do you feel that you can trust the management with some of the private issues that you are currently facing?

c). How is your relationship with Gulford? Is she harsh with you all the time? Can you say you have a genuine relationship with your co-worker? Have you ever had a conflict with her, and if so, whom would you fairly say was the instigator of the conflict? How can you improve your relationship with Gulford?

d). How much do you value your hygiene and the hygiene of others? Do you think hygiene and good grooming are important in this line of work? Please briefly discuss your daily hygiene routine.

e). Do you feel that there are some elements you can add to your hygiene routine in order to make yourself more presentable?

4.     One ethical situation that could arise is Ryan berating Gretchen for her hygiene issues especially without asking Gretchen if she has any underlying health or psychological problems that could be the reason for her hygiene issues. Ryan should instead talk to her in a calm manner without embarrassing her to guarantee that Gretchen takes the advice positively. Another ethical situation that would arise is Ryan disclosing details of her meeting with Gretchen to the other employees and patients at the clinic. Disclosing such details will only make Gretchen more embarrassed and she might even quit her job as a result. Thus, the details of the meeting should be kept confidential in order to protect Gretchen’s feelings and prevent further conflict. Finally, Ryan could also use her power to unfairly win the negotiation, which is completely unethical. Ryan needs to ensure that Gretchen also gets a fair deal from the negotiations and she does not feel threatened, unfairly punished, or mistreated. She needs to feel appreciated during the negotiations.


Cheng, B. (2009, Sept 1). Power and Trust in Negotiation and Decision-Making: A Critical Evaluation. Harvard Negotiation Law Review. Retrieved on 11/9/2016 from  


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