Paper Instructions

Write a 250-word (minimum) reflection on the Toumin argument paper. Discuss what you have learned during the the Toulmin argument paper assignment and how it will assist you in upcoming papers. Include your strategies for capitalizing on your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses in order to become a successful writer.

Toulmin Reflection Paper

           I wrote a paper on the social and economic impact of the ballooning of the student loans in America. The paper provided evidence and arguments to support the fact that the country is headed toward a financial crisis owing to the huge student loan debt. The paper also provided counter arguments that purport that there is no need for alarm even in the face of exponential increase in student loan debt.

           I learnt several things from carrying out the Toulmin argument paper assignment on the looming student loan crisis. I discovered how to structure an argumentative paper so that all the points come out clearly and strongly. The Toulmin model usually involves breaking down an argument into six essential parts. The parts are the Claim, the Evidence, the Warrant, the Backing, the Counterclaim, and the Rebuttal.  

           I also learned that the counterclaim is an essential component of any argumentative paper. A comprehensive paper of this kind needs to be able to highlight some of the key arguments against the initial claim of the paper. The counterclaim needs to be well explained, in a section of its own, and needs to demonstrate the plausibility of such an argument.

Having a counterclaim in the paper will help the reader weigh both sides of the argument critically so that he can make an informed choice on what side he selects. In my paper, the counterclaim was that there is no impeding student debt financial increase and that the increment in the student loan debt is at par with the lifetime incomes of the educated Americans and that the monthly payment on the loans has remained the same for more than two decades.

           The rebuttal of the counterclaim is also an essential part of a correctly structured argumentative essay.  The rebuttal specifically tries to explain to the reader why the author thinks that his opponents are wrong using the counterclaim as a point of inflection. My rebuttal for the above counterclaim is that the average lifetime incomes of college educated Americans has remained stagnant despite the increase in the costs of tuition and college loan debt. 


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