Subject: Business and Management
Topic: Different Leadership Styles
Language: English (U.S.)
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Question: Define Authoritarian, Democratic, Laissez-faire, Charismatic, Transformational, and Transactional Leadership styles. Also, discuss which style you deem to be most effective and why.

Leadership Styles

Authoritarian leadership is one in which there is a clear professional distinction between the leader and the workers, the leader enforces this distinction by providing direct supervision of the workers, in this leadership style the leader makes all the decisions. A democratic leadership style is one in which the leader shares the decision-making burden with the workers, the leaders promotes the interests of the whole group by promoting social equality in the decision making process (Eagly & Johannesen‐Schmidt, 2001).

      A Laissez-faire leadership style is one in which the authority to make decisions squarely rests on the workers, the followers have the liberty of choosing how they should work, this type of leadership grants the leader’s subjects self-rule. Charismatic leadership is on in which the leader inspires the subjects to work hard and to renew their commitment to the organization.

   Transformational leaders establish the problems in the organization and seek solution by transforming the organization (Eagly & Johannesen‐Schmidt, 2001). Transactional leaders seek to maintain current conditions as they are. No leadership style is perfect, however, the leadership style I deem to be most effective is democratic leadership, in this leadership style; the people pay a greater role in determining their fates and take a greater role in government.