Subject: Law
Topic: Technology in Community Policing
Language: English (U.S.)
Pages: 1
Question: Define Compstat, GIS, SARA, CODEFOR, Community Policing, and discuss in detail how technology has impacted policing strategies.

Technology in Community Policing

Comp-Stat is a short form of the word computer statistics. Computer statistics combines organizational, philosophy, and management tools used by police departments. Comp-stat emphasizes the use of statistics to identify spikes in crime and dealing with these spikes through targeted enforcement (Foster, 2005).

   GIS stands for geographic information system, this is a computer system used for capturing, storing, displaying and checking data about geographic positions on the earth surface. The information provided by GIS, improves decision-making abilities of police (Foster, 2005). SARA stands for Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Evaluation; this is a model used in community policing to identify community problems and solve repeat crimes. CODEFOR stands for computer organized deployment focus on results; this system uses computer technology to optimize patrol, investigation, support services, and administration (Foster, 2005). Community policing is a policing strategy where the police build ties with the community members and work closely with them to solve problems.

    Technology has had a radical impact on policing strategies, computer programs and algorithms have improved communication and resource sharing in police departments making them more efficient. Policing paradigms such as SARA use technology to help police offices make better decisions.


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