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discuss programs that deal with stress and police officer suicide as well specific factors that lead to suicide and how police administrators should deal with such. Also, define Critical Incident and discuss each stage of incidents.

Addressing stress  

Several program enable police to cope with stress and avoid suicide. One of the programs has the name “badge of life”. Badge of life is an outfit that exists solely to provide psychological help to police officers. The organization has an emotional self-care program that teaches police officers emotional wellbeing and helps them to manage stress (Bohl, 2013).

     Several factors lead to suicide among police, one of the factors is social determinants; this involves the social support network that provides support to police officers, the lack of a social network can lead to suicide; police administrators should facilitate a social network (Bohl, 2013). Another factor that leads to suicide are clinical factors such as, depression anxiety and PTSD, administrators can deal with these by providing psychological help (Bohl, 2013).

   Critical incidents are stressful events that can overwhelm a police officer’s ability to cope with the situation. There are three stages of critical incidents, the first stage is special incidents these incidences do not involve the workplace; an example is the death of an employee. The second stage is critical incidents these directly involve the workplace. The third stages of critical incidences are catastrophic incidences these adversely affect the workplace (Bohl, 2013).


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