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describe change models, types of resistance and the influence of politics and organizational change.

Organizational change  

 There are several types of change management models used by organizations throughout the world. One of the common change models is Lewin’s Change Management Model, it contains three steps, unfreeze efforts to resist change, transition towards the change and refreeze the changes implemented (Hannan & Freeman, 1984). The other change model is McKinsey 7-S Model, this model has seven factors that operate as agents of change these include shared values, strategy, structure, systems, style, staff, and skills.

     People resist change because of logical and rational reasons; this resistance stems from disagreement with logical and rational factors. Entities also resist change because of emotion and attitude, the feelings about change can cause an individual to resist change. The third reason why people resist change is sociological resistance, this resistance occurs when the change is seen to infringe on group culture (Hannan & Freeman, 1984).

    Organizational politics are a significant factor to consider in organizational change. Most of the resistance to change within organizations is due to politics (Hannan & Freeman, 1984). If not handled well organizational politics can derail change in an organization (Hannan & Freeman, 1984).


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