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Write a detailed journal about your internship

Internship Journal

I undertook internships in both the probation and parole department and the university which had multiple experience that were diversified. I got to learn from both the environments which had different approaches in addition to my class work.

Parole and probation department

Week 1

The first day om my internship began with an orientation where I was informed about the organization the units and its regulation and I was assigned a supervisor who was to guide me on the responsibilities I was to undertake. I was allocated an office and led through the section duties. I got to learn more about the parole and the probation units. The two days that followed I was assigned to Officer Holy who transferred me to the parole section where I got to gain experience in that field. I learnt of the different county courts and the judges that head them.


Week 2

In this week I get to work in the probation department where I got to learn more about offenders who are on probation are treated. I got to learn that the offenders have to reside in the state in which they report to but their files can be transferred to the location they want to reside. The prisoners could be released from custody for a promise of good behavior and they get to be monitored by the officers.

Week 3

In this week I got to work in a different department, with different officers and got to learn different rules of the job. In this department I was assigned to Officer Antony who led me through the department. I got to learn how to deal with offenders and how they are led to rectify their behaviors. I also got to learn about how the fees are being paid. I got to prepare a report that had the information of the arrested offenders who are on probation.

Week 4

This week began on a high note where Officer Hopkins showed me how to use the E-T system. I got to learn how to check for criminal records, the fees issued on them. I also got to learn how to check for arrest warrants issued and those yet to be issued to the county sheriff. The system got to enlighten me on how the government is trying to improve the law enforcement department. The system is easy to use and it helps the officers to track the criminal and their actions. It is required that the criminals record and status be reviewed occasionally, that is, weekly

University internship

In this week I was assigned to work at the university. I started the week under an officer of the university who taught me how to use the basic security controls, that is, checking the student’s Id cards and signing them the time they get in and out of different halls

Week 1

I began this week by learning the process of checking and verifying the student’s ID. I was to check if the ID cards match to the system issued dorm. I also cross-checked it from a list issued by the officers of which student belonged to which building and which room. This week got me to interact with the system and familiarize myself with the various qualities required to deal with the students and the school as a whole.

Week 2

In this week, I went on with the duties assigned to me. I got to learn more on the assigned duties of week one, I got to interact with the university staff members and some students. From this interaction, I got to learn the various school points, their entry and exit points. I got to learn how different doors open and how to use the various entry keys and cards.

Week 3

In this week, I progressed with my normal duties. Something happened this week that gave me a lesson on what goes on in this job. I got to experience an incident whereby one student tried to commit suicide by jumping out of a window, the police were alerted and they stopped him from carrying out the accident. I got to learn from my supervisor that students pull such stunts to gain attention.

Week 4

In this week. I continued with the process of student verification and also got to work on night shift. I got to feel a different working environment which is not the normal time people work. Working night shift was a challenge at first but I got to adopt. Working night shift was actually comfortable and more appealing to me.

Week 5

I got to learn how to deal with unruly students who didn’t follow the rules and regulations. This was the cases of fights and those that didn’t want to pass through checkpoints. I was responsible for keeping the records of those students logging them in and making sure of what they are doing. The officer I was assigned to taught me a great deal about how to deal with these students.

Week 6

My week progressed normally. I got to learn from the TSU police on how to issue validation to students in case of minor cases and major cases. I got to learn the steps to take and follow on how to issue fees and fines for students in case of damages caused to school property. During the validation, the steps I had to take were checking the students’ name and description, that is, race, height, and age. Check the location of the damage, If the damage was excessive then a major step of telling them to leave the hall allocated to them.

Week 7

This week I got to put what I had learnt into action. Being transferred to night shift I had to update the next officer ion the duties of my post. This involved taking him through the description of the work and what to expect in case of any incidents. I got to lead him through all the processes and with this I got to learn about other areas I had not covered. The officer gave me more information on how to work the night shift and what to put in place in order to work efficiently on the working hours

Week 8

I was given another task in this week which had to prove my keenness on the environment. I was assigned on patrol of the area, that is looking into all the floors and lobbies and make sure there is nothing can jeopardize the working environment. This proved my attention on matters, either tiny or major. In this job, I realized that the school’s security cameras were not well functional in all the halls. I reported this to the head security and they were fixed.

Week 9

I was moved to a busier environment this week, Boyd Hall, with students coming and going out this at all times. This improved my attention level because I had to verify which student belonged to that hall. I experienced a challenge in this area. Some students used other students Id cards to get into the halls which meant that security was not well-taken care off. I had to pay close attention to the students’ physical appearance to match the Id Cards issued.

Week 10

This final week I got to learn on the new building security system which was new improved secured entry and exits. I also got to enter the students’ details in the security database. Working in this students gave me more insights on how to handle different people in my line of duty. My internship was a gain in both working and social environment.