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What is the purpose of night desk attendance protocol in resident halls

Night Desk Attendant Protocols in the Residence Halls


The purpose of Night Desk Attendant in the Residence Halls is to provide access control and ensure the security of the residents, staff, visitors, and property of the Hall.

Duties of the assigned Attendant:

1.     Upon arriving at the hall please check with staff for Building roster, communication log and sign in sheets.

2.     Ensure the work station desk is in a visible location to the access points to the building (mandated by Hall Director).

3.     Monitor access of residents and visitors and limit entry to the facility according to Residence Life procedures.

4.     Be alert to all unusual or suspicious activity, security violations, criminal activity, hazards, or other unusual events.

5.     Limit conversation to job duties to avoid distractions and over-familiarity.

6.     Maintain cleanliness of your work station.

7.     Conduct rounds in the common areas (lobby, lounge, labs, salon etc.) every hour. Any suspicious activity contact the Hall Director immediately and TSU PD if necessary

Access Control: Access control duties vary by assignment. Generally, the access control procedures will be as outlined below.

TSU ID cards allow access only to the residence hall in which the student resides.

Any person(s) entering or loitering at a Tennessee State University Residence Hall that is not authorized or is an expected guest or visitor should be directed to leave the premises immediately. If the individual(s) refuse to leave, call TSU PD immediately and notify the Hall Director. Under no circumstances will an intruder be allowed into the building.

Entry Procedures: Any individual affiliated with Tennessee State University, who has been issued a TSU ID card, must show their ID card to the Night Desk Attendant when entering the residence hall. No one should be allowed entry into the building without presenting an ID.

Procedures for students with no ID card: If a student claims to have forgotten or lost their ID card and lives in the residence hall. Follow the procedures below.

1.     Request to see another form of picture ID. If they have no alternate ID, continue to step 2.

2.     Ask the person for their T Number and room Number and confirm by checking the Hall roster. Make a note and inform the Hall Director of the student who did not present an ID.

Evacuation: In the event the Residence Hall is to be evacuated for a fire alarm, bomb threat, or other emergency, contact the Hall Director immediately and assist Hall staff with evacuation.

Prohibited Conduct:

1.     Propping any entrance or exit doors.