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Topic: BLOOD
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Answer the question about the story Blood


Question 1: What makes “Blood” a science-fiction story?

           “Blood” can be considered a science-fiction story because the two main characters of the story are vampires, which are non-existent in the real world. In addition, the other characters in the story have human-like characteristics. For instance, in one of their stops they met dogs that could talk and that had become civilized and intelligent. On their last stop, they entered a world where vegetation was the only species that existed and the turnip was the dominant species.

Question 2: What makes “Blood” a funny story?

           “Blood” is a funny story owing to the predicament the vampires find themselves in. The vampires had to flee into the future in order to escape execution. Human beings had discovered the existence of their species and vowed to destroy them all. The two vampires had thought that by fleeing into the future, they would have been forgotten and they would have the freedom to feed as much as they want. Unfortunately, the vampires find species that still persecute them and others that they cannot even feed from.


“Blood” is a story about the last two vampire survivors who have to flee in their time machine into the future to escape execution. The human army had killed all the other vampires but Vron and Dreena manage to escape. The two stop their flying machine and found that dogs had taken over the planet. The dogs were intelligent and could speak. The vampires were soon discovered by the dogs and they had to flee again in their time machine. Their last stop was in a time where vegetables had taken over the world and the tulips were the dominant race. The vampires had nowhere else to run and their quest for survival was now over.