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Using your sociological imagination, what is the most challenging obstacle that you have faced so far that is also plaguing other members of your society (e.g., discrimination, health problems, financial obstacles, family struggles, community violence, limited opportunities). Please discuss the origins of this problem in society as well as the larger impact that it has on you and others.

Health Problems

One of the most challenging obstacles that I have faced over the years in my society that has also affected other members of my society is the health issue. The health of the population has become and remains to be a difficult issue to control and maintain. Health maintenance should be a personal responsibility in that each one of us has been entrusted with a personal task of taking care of their body and seeing to it, that good health is maintained throughout their lifetime. Smoking is one activity that is creating health issues all over the society. It is impeding governmental efforts to promote health maintenance in the society. 

Smoking is an addictive leisure activity that has caused many health hazards both to my society, in the name of pleasure and relaxation and me. Taking a case study of myself, I have suffered many health problems in my society, which are directly linked to smoking of cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is one of the activities I used to partake in just for leisure, meant to cause me to just feel relaxed; little did I know what I was getting myself into. It all starts with a little passive smoking here and there, followed by a little peer pressure here and there. Started admiring the cigarette smokers in our society and at this time they were just few in number. I enjoyed how they used to take the puffs and this attracted me. I enjoyed being close to them and after observing them for a while, I conclude that these people were really enjoying so I decided to join them.

I took my first puff some few days before joining high school and it felt to me as a very noble thing to do just to relax and cool down my mind especially after a long day, just as many like me at that time would think. The more I would smoke, the more my body would demand for more and more. I hardly knew that my body was becoming dependant on the smoking the more. What started as leisure now became a dependant problem. I used to think that the other peers who introduced me to smoking were smoking frequently because they were enjoying it. I came to realize later on they had actually become dependent on the smoking and it did not matter any longer whether they still enjoyed the smoking or not, but their bodies were demanding the drug in the cigarette called nicotine, which is addictive.

Cigarette smoking started causing health problems in my body. I first noted that I had a health problem when it started becoming difficult for me to breathe, especially during the night. I faced many uncomfortable nights, as I would wake up several times in the night due to the breathing problem. Smoking had started affecting my respiratory system. The more I used to smoke, the worse the condition became. However, my body was still demanding for more and more smoking and especially at this time, the nicotine in the cigarettes had started causing an effect in my brain by stimulating a particular chemical called the “Happy Chemical” that stimulated the part of the brain associated with pleasure. This means that despite the deteriorating state of my health, my body would still find pleasure in the cigarette smoking due to this drug. It used to take me a lot of effort just to breath and this caused me to be easily fatigued. Further, my breathing deteriorated in the sense that it was no longer quiet but noisy. From a distance, people in a very quiet environment could actually hear my breathing and no one needed to affirm that I had a fast growing respiratory problem that needed to be addressed fast.

 I needed to seek medical attention urgently and so I did as required. After several check-ups and tests, the doctor diagnosed me with mild bronchitis. The doctor further explained to me that the cause of the difficulty in breathing was because of the damaged airways and the small air sacks found in my lungs. He further explained the cigarette smoking could lead to chronic bronchitis, and in even extreme cases, it could lead to mouth, throat and lung cancer. My treatment was rather simple and did not cost me a lot of money. However, my experience taught me a lot about how smoking affects other members of my society. The initial mind-set is usually based on pleasure and leisure but as time goes by, people get addicted and it is no longer a matter of leisure but demand. The many active smokers in my society already have health issues directly linked to their smoking. Some have even been diagnosed of chronic bronchitis and are undertaking medical treatment. It would not come as a surprise to me that some members of my society who are regular smokers have or will be diagnosed with lung, throat or mouth cancer.

 There are very many people in my society who are passive smokers, including the children around and this could cause health hazards in their bodies. I would recommend that there be an anti-smoking campaign in my society, which will bring awareness on the many and chronic health problems caused by smoking, with people like myself giving testimonies of the health problems we have faced and been saved from. Further, the people in the society who are already addicted to smoking should start undertaking rehabilitation treatment in order to save them from health problems coming their way, making the society a better place to live.