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Find an article that is based solely on law enforcement. The article can discuss anything about policing or police officer

Police Corruption

           Police corruption seems to have been embedded in law enforcement agencies across the country. Law enforcement agencies are supposed to abhor corruption and protect the interests of all citizens, not only those who can afford them money and expensive gifts. Corruption in police agencies results in poor service delivery to the communities around them. This is why it is crucial for the corruption in these agencies to be rooted out and the public made aware of this menace.

An example of the rot in law enforcement is the arrest of three New York Police Department commanders. The three were arrested on federal corruption charges that were directly linked to the New York mayor’s campaign fundraising (Rashbaum & Goldstein, 2016). During court proceedings, it was discovered that the three commanders received luxury items from two highly connected businessmen in exchange for favors. The luxury gifts included tickets to basketball games, jewelry, video game system, and private jets.

The two businessmen, Jeremiah Reichberg and Jona Rechnitz were also arrested following the allegations. Sources claim that the two had a lot of influence on the New York Police Department. At their behest, one of the three commanders that were arrested was promoted (Rashbaum & Goldstein, 2016). It is also alleged that the businessmen were using the police force for their own personal use. The three commanders frequently drove the businessmen around town with their sirens on full throttle. The commanders also sent their juniors to retrieve gemstones or assist the businessmen in their business endeavors. 

Since the scandal broke, nearly 12 senior police officers in the department have been chastised, with some of them being forced to retire (Rashbaum & Goldstein, 2016). The two businessmen have also broken rank after Mr. Rechnitz opted to cooperate with the FBI on the matter in order to receive leniency in the court room.


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