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Write and essay on the following topic: Strengthening Community Many factors cause stress in our communities, and many changes challenge them to adapt. These range from violence in schools to new forms of communication, such as social media. Is it possible for an individual to take action that would strengthen his or her community?

Strengthening the Community

           A number of factors are responsible for causing stress within the community resulting in strife among community members. Furthermore, changes in technology and policies may make it difficult for the community to adapt and remain cohesive. However, there are a number of actions that individuals can engage in in order to strengthen their communities so that everyone is satisfied and that happiness is achieved.

           The main way of strengthening one’s community is by creating avenues whereby residents can come together as friends and neighbors. Such avenues create a firm foundation for the community such that people are able to solve problems and seize new opportunities due to the strong communal bond they share.

           Providing a place for people to hang-out is an excellent way of strengthening the community. Residents will come to the venue, mingle, and get to know each other better. Friendships will be forged in such an environment and most of these friendships end up being long lasting. It is imperative that different hangout spots for different age groups are set-up in order to ensure that everyone is comfortable.

           Another way to strengthen the community is by ensuring that the crime rates drop or become non-existent. The best way to do this is by creating a Neighborhood Watch group that monitors the streets of the neighborhood on a nightly basis. The members of the patrol should be trained on how to handle crime perpetrators while still keeping themselves safe. With such a patrol on guard, the members of the community feel safe and can continue focusing on matters that bring them together as a community.

           Lastly, individuals in the community need to come up with a set of activities aimed at the youth to enable spend their spare time positively. Such endeavors guarantee that the youth of the community are accounted for and that they are undergoing positive development. Such ventures can help the youth come up with unique ideas to improve their community as well as their individual families.