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Question 1 You are the middle manager of a company, and you recently received news that your company lost a major contract. Such a loss will directly affect your department by reducing the staff by 25%. You have six months before the layoffs take place. Your responsibility is to implement a program that will enhance the employees' careers by making them more marketable. While this is an unfortunate occurrence, it does occur. Great leaders take the necessary steps. Discuss your ideas for this type of program. What does it need to include? What does the program need to offer employees? How would you communicate this to your employees? Must be in APA format and 150 words. Question 2 You have been recently hired as the site environmental professional. During your orientation, you observe that benzene is being used in the manufacturing operations. You are concerned about employees getting cancer from being exposed to benzene. What are three key points that you would tell the site operations team to convince them to get benzene out of the process?

Taking Care of Employees

Question 1:

           The best way to make the employees more marketable is introducing in-job training. The training is meant to guarantee that they acquire the skills needed that will make them attractive to potential future employers. The in-house job training will take six months for the employees to complete. During this time, the instructors will help the employees brush up on necessary skills to allow them smooth re-entry into the job market.

           The company will also attempt to market its employees to some of the organizations that are connected to it. The HR managers need to link up with different companies to see if they need additional employees. The company has maintained stable relationships with other companies in the area. The organization can capitalize on these relationships to guarantee that the former employees have a place to work when the layoff process begins.

Question 2:

           Benzene is a dangerous chemical formed from natural processes. The gas evaporates extremely quickly once it is exposed to air. Human beings get exposed to benzene during human activities including smoking. Most people become exposed to benzene while they are at work. Studies have shown that there is a high correlation between benzene and cancer in human beings.

           Experts have discovered that the rate of leukemia is higher in workers who have been exposed to grave amounts of benzene. Exposure to benzene is also closely connected to development of acute myeloid leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia, and multiple myeloma in human beings exposed to the chemical.

           Other than being a causative factor for cancer, exposure to benzene has also been blamed for both short and long-term health effects in workers. Inhaling large amounts of benzene can lead to complications with the nervous system including dizziness, vomiting, and convulsions. In the long run, exposure to benzene can lead to anemia, low platelet count, and low levels of white blood cells.