Subject: Journalism and Mass Communication
Language: English (U.S.)
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Choose a specific visual work to analyze for your Media Analysis Project (MAP). Your project can be on any media; print, photography, television, film, the Internet, etc. You will explore this topic in detail by using the six perspectives. Choose something in which you have a personal interest. If you choose television, feel free to focus on a specific series (not just one episode). If you choose the Internet, focus on a particular website. You must obtain instructor approval on your topic. Submit your topic as a one paragraph written proposal. Explain not just what your topic is, but also why you chose it.


  The topic I have selected is YouTube. You tube is a global video sharing website that has its headquarters in the in San Bruno, California, United States. YouTube allows people to upload videos for other people to see; it also allows people to browse and view videos. YouTube was bought by google in 2006 and is now a fully owned subsidiary of Google and heavily integrated with Google’s other products (YouTube, 2016).

      YouTube is extremely popular as most people who view videos online are likely to be watching the videos on YouTube; the website accounts for a significant number of traffic in the United States of America and throughout the world. However, YouTube is much more than a website; a whole culture has emerged where people upload customized content specifically for YouTube (YouTube, 2016).

      One of the reasons that I have selected YouTube is because it is an important aspect of the internet; one of the biggest aspects of the internet in the twenty first century is on demand video, and YouTube occupies a big portion of the online video culture. Another reason that I selected YouTube is because the website has encouraged the development of young films makers who create personalized content specifically for YouTube; these filmmakers call themselves YouTubers. The third reason why I selected YouTube is that it is easily accessible from any device one may be using to browse the internet. YouTube is also a convenient choice because everyone has had an experience with YouTube either watching videos or uploading them.

   This media is convenient for the task, it will enable me to grasp and apply the relevant lessons taught in class to the analysis of the media using the six perspectives.


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