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Write a report recommending an off-shore country and support your choice with the following data: How your organization can reduce the risk would face in relocating Boeing organization

Minimizing Risk While Relocating Abroad

               According to Piotti (2007), most companies tend to move their primary functions abroad due to economic reasons. The Boeing organization seeks to relocate its manufacturing processes abroad with the aim of decreasing the manufacturing price. One of the main risks that a company can face when it relocates abroad is attraction and retention of staff (Lewin, Massini, & Peeters, 2009). Most businesses that relocate abroad fail to plan adequately on how they will attract, retrain; retain staff members once the companies have moved their functions abroad. In addition, many businesses often lose their current crop of employees because they did not involve the latter in the decision making process.

           To deal with this uncertainty, Boeing will inform current employees about the move abroad beforehand. This will give the employees ample time to decide whether they would like to stay with the company despite having to move abroad. Furthermore, the company needs to choose a suitable location in the new country that provides access to a sufficient pool of talented human resources, who can provide a sustainable workforce for the years that the company will be in the country (Contractor, Kumar, Kundu, & Pedersen, 2010).   


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