Subject: Psychology and Education
Language: English (U.S.)
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write a three to four page paper in which you create a list of items on a topic such as those used by sei shonagon. use the same level of descriptive details that she uses. once you have completed your list the analyze what you have learned about yourself.

List of Irritating Things

1.     Religious zealots who are more preoccupied with defending their faith than helping those around them. All religious doctrine dictates that the faithful should always endeavor to help the needy and yet more than half of the world’s population is living in poverty. This is despite the fact that more than 80% of the world’s population observes one religion or another.

2.     People who spit on a road that is being used by hundreds of others on an every-day basis.

3.     Politicians who opt to polarize rather than unite the population are also irritating. Divisive politics has led to millions of deaths across the globe, and politicians hardly take the blame for their actions.

4.     We claim to be moving forward due to the rapid changes in technology. Ironically, these changes have detrimental effects on the environment as most of the old gadgets are simply dumped in land sites where their components leak into the ground and into our water systems.

5.     More than half the world’s population is using pharmaceutical medicines for illnesses that can be cured through proper diet, exercise, and peace of mind.

6.      America’s insistence in meddling in other countries’ affairs has gotten out of hand. Take for instance, the Libyan crisis. One can argue that America’s involvement literally pushed the country on to its side, as the protests were deemed peaceful before American troops came in. The Libyan crisis inadvertently led to the Arab Spring, which has seen many Arab countries fall apart over the last few years. Perhaps without America’s involvement in the political affairs of a sovereign nation, the crisis in the Arab world would have been averted.

7.     Men who think that women are mere sex objects and sleep with any woman they find for the mere pleasure of doing so. These men clearly have a low self-esteem that can only be furnished by having multiple sexual partners. Women who think men are ATMs is also another irritating aspect of our society today. These women simply sleep with or date men for their money, which demonstrates how morally corrupt women have become. Women used to be the moral threshold in our communities but modernization has thrown this concept out the window. 

8.     The erosion of traditional family and social values in developing nations owing to modernization and Westernization is also a source of major irritation. The third world countries are inclined to think that their traditional ways are backward while adopting the Western ways is forward thinking. 

9.     The fact that African women across the world wearing weaves is also a tad irritating. Slavery and racism were destructive institutions that degraded African women and their beauty. To think that African women are still struggling to fit into the white man’s stereotypical version of beauty is not only depressing but also ridiculous.

10. The world’s elephant and rhino population is decreasing alarmingly owing to people’s thirst for ornaments made from the animals’ tusks. What is surprising is the fact that these tusks are made from keratin, the same protein that is naturally found in our nails and hair. So why is it so valuable when it comes from the tusks but not when it can also be found naturally in human beings?

11. Citizens continuously being lied to by politicians show how incapable some people are when it comes to thinking for themselves. For several decades, our political institutions have continued to lie to us but we are none the wiser. Every election year, we are promised goodies, only for the political elite to enrich themselves at the expense of the populace. It is almost as if we never learn from our past mistakes.

12. It is also irritating to discover that most of the conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries are as a result of powerful western countries seeking to gain control of regions that hold strategic importance or crucial resources. The war on terror was a disguise by the American government to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, topple the government, and take over oil resources. The same thing is happening in Syria at the moment. Powerful governments are bombing the country in order to weaken Assad’s regime and gain control of the country due to its strategic importance in the region.

13. Religious sycophancy has polarized the world leading to religious profiling of honest, hard-working men and women. There are constant reports coming in of Muslim men and women being barred from flying or entering establishments in the Western world because of their religion. What is irritating about racial profiling is the fact that Muslims are not terrorists. The world is labeling them as such due to a few mis-guided cowards who use the Muslim ‘banner’ for protection and identification. All the Muslims I have come across in my community are against jihad.

I have learned a great deal about myself from the observations above. The things that irk me the most revolve around how the world is governed. Poor governance and ulterior political motives are the bane of our existence. Millions of people have died and the politicians never take full responsibility for their actions. In addition, I have learnt that I do not like hypocrites and religious fanatics. I have also recognized my inherent desire to protect the weak and the down-trodden in society, who have been placed in such circumstances simply because they are different from the majority. It is my hope that the human race awakens in time to stop some of the social ills that are claiming millions of lives every year.