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If you choose to act as the marketing director (administrator) for the final project, you will be required to create a marketing plan that will require you to: 1. Brand your “production”  Create a poster design for the show. Must include information about the show and some eye catching graphics.  Keep the graphics and fonts consistent from the poster to the program.  Must turn in a copy on the day of the final. 2. Create a concept for the lobby. Often, productions concoct some sort of lobby display to extend the environment outside of the theatre. What would suggest that might help set the mood and extend the environment beyond the theatre? 3. Consider how you would market the event aside from the posters. Any interesting ideas? Would you include radio spots, social media, public appearances? How might you get the word out to your target audience? This must be contained in a written Word document. You may attach the poster separately if you wish. Poster files may be in Microsoft Publisher or Word; JPEG; or PDF.

Social media marketing plan for Water by the Spoonful

Use of social media as a promotional platform has led to success in the movie industry not only for independent projects but also in large movie industry like Hollywood blockbusters. According to Neely (2015), approximately 74 percent of people are on Linkendin, Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest. Movie marketers can take advantage of social media to reach many people. They can upload trailers, post logos and posters, tweet, and Instagram pictures.

As a marketer, I will take advantage of the various social media particularly Facebook and twitter. I have had several people criticizing Facebook, as a platform for attention seekers. However, I take it as the best platform to promote the film. Nowadays, people of different age groups have Facebook accounts. By promoting the movie, through Facebook, I will reach quite a number of people, especially teenagers who spend most of their time browsing. Another core reason for using social media is that I will spend less money in promoting the movie. All I need to do is dedicate a lot of time and energy to reach the targeted number of people (Norton, 2013) (Norton, 2013).

First, I will create a fan page, which will enable me to connect with our possible funs. I will then invite all my friends to like the page and convince them to invite their friends to like the page. I will go to the extent of calling my friends and requesting them to like the page if I have their numbers. The fun page will include the film poster created and a summary of the movie (Neely, 2015).

Another amazing thing about Facebook is that it has a share option. I will update my status, which will entail captivating summary of the movie. I will then share my status which my funs and friends will be able to view. I will also inbox my closest friends and inform them of the event. I will not hastate to ask my twitter followers to share the advert or retweet my post.

I will also take advantage of custom audience features of Facebook. Custom audiences feature contains an online community that is focused on a particular issue. The feature will aid me in aiming my advert to appropriate audience (Norton, 2013).

Another crucial thing I will do is to be consistent in updating and tweeting my status, which will include the summary, and date the movie will be shown. Tweet deck is an online tool that I will use to pre-schedule my posts.

Facebook now permits one to organize promotions and gather information through a Facebook post. I will create a buzz on Facebook by giving students promotional items like free ticket. I will then randomly choose a winner. Using incentives will not only attract my friends but other Kick-starter supporters who will be interested to participate in the promotion.

Moreover, I will request my colleagues to help in advertising and promoting the movie by interacting with the social media. They can share posts, tweet, retweet, and posting their original content. In addition, I will advise them to talk about the movie on the social media with their followers, which will expand our fun base (Neely, 2015).

Lastly, potential funs can view the movie trailer on YouTube. We will create a YouTube channel and use the YouTube link on Facebook and twitter. The trailer will motivate funs who will want to watch the whole movie (Neely, 2015).


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