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Write an essay on peanut allergy

Peanut Allergy

           Peanut allergies are a severe health reaction to ingesting food that contains elements of nuts. People with such allergies usually go into anaphylactic shock as a consequence of ingesting nuts. The allergic reaction can lead to death if the individuals do not receive immediate hospital attention.

 Several food establishments have been sued for serving foods containing nuts to people who have nut allergies. It seems that most of these establishments and their workers do not take peanut allergies seriously thus causing grievous harm to their patrons. A family from Chicago sued a Chinese restaurant after their daughter died from eating peanuts from food that was ordered from the restaurant. The teacher of the girl had told the restaurant that there were students with peanut allergies and they still served food with peanuts inside.

A man from Saskatchewan also sued a restaurant and one of its servers after suffering an anaphylactic shock from eating a cheesecake. He testified that he had asked the server to ensure his food did not have any nuts and she gave him the go ahead to eat. One bite of the cheesecake and he was taken to the hospital.

From the two stories, it is clear that food establishments and their employees are indignant to the health of their employees. Health regulators need to ensure that all the establishments that serve food take strict care when catering to individuals with peanut allergies.