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Research the following topics related to Project Management: 1. Gantt Chart 2. Project Controls 3. Project Planning 4. Risk 5. WBS Select three of the topics listed and compose three paragraphs describing the topics, one paragraph per selected topic.

Project Management Topics

A Gantt chart makes work easier for the project managers by displaying the subtasks of a certain task graphically. The Chart ultimately shows the progress of the project throughout its lifetime. Displaying the subtasks makes the tasks more manageable for the project manager as it clearly illustrates the dependencies of the variables. The progress of the project is tracked while any parallel processes are discovered and investigated. Furthermore, the overall processing time for the project can be determined easily by assessing the information presented in the graph.

Project planning is the section of project management that encapsulates the use of different schedules including the Gantt chart to plan for the project and report the project’s progress to the relevant stakeholders. Project planning will usually include details on how the project will be completed within the stipulated period. In addition, project planning also has several distinct stages, with each stage having its own resources to complete it. The discipline is often used in the organization of different integral sections of a project including the workloads, the management of employees, the duration of each task, and the assigned goals of the entire project.

Project controls can be defined as the processes used in the gathering of data, management, and analysis of said data to predict and influence the cost and time outcomes of the project. The project controls are able to accomplish all their functions by communicating information effectively and in the right format to assist in the overall decision-making process. The project controls are utilized in all the stages of the project’s lifecycle. Examples of project controls include cost estimation, project scheduling, earned value management such as the WBS, document control, supplier performance measurement, risk management, and forensic assessment that is necessary for analyzing schedule and the costs associated with the project.