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Of the elements of an organization's culture, what will you want to emphasize for the new company you are creating? What will you do and why?

Elements of Organizational Culture

           The culture of the organization consists of the elements that the stakeholders of the company value, practice, and respect. Several elements are critical in the culture of an organization. Values are perhaps the most important elements of a company’s organizational culture. The values of the organization should consist of goals, philosophies, and views that are consistent with the stakeholders of the organization. It is imperative that the new company outlines the values it expects to be upheld within its premises.

           The next important element to emphasize any new organization is the communications networks. The networks are essential as they relay information to all the stakeholders of the company. The communication networks also guarantee that everyone knows the tasks they are assigned and how the tasks will be carried out. It is also important to note that an organization is a social outlet. The communication network will be used as a passage for social messages throughout the organization. A communication network needs to be set up that can enhance the passage of information and social messages throughout the framework of the company. The communication network needs to be adaptable, flexible, efficient, and easy to use for the benefit of all the stakeholders of the company.

           Norms are also an essential element of the organizational culture. Norms refers to the way of doing things in the culture. The company norms usually encompass the standards, the tasks, and the rules that are to be followed by everyone in the company. For instance, the dress code is a norm in any organization as it prescribes how all employees will dress in order to look descent in the workplace. The company needs to provide guidelines on some of the basic norms that will become part of the routine in the company. The norms need to be in line with the goals and values of the company.