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Your conclusion should pull together your entire paper. Do not consider the conclusion a summary of your paper; your abstract is the summary of your paper. Instead, your conclusion is your opportunity to suggest what might be done with your findings. A good conclusion will restate the thesis, place a judgment on the issue discussed, discuss the implications of your findings, issue a directive or call to action to the reader, and close out the paper with a strong final thought. However, depending upon your topic and your treatment of that topic, the conclusion may take different forms. Your conclusion for this paper must be at least 150 words. If the conclusion is less than the word count, it is likely you have not fully developed your conclusion, and this lack of development can severely impact your grade for this assignmen

Social and Cultural Values


           Social and cultural factors play a bigger role than biological factors in shaping and developing individuals. The paper will present evidence to support this argument as well as counter-arguments presented by renowned authors who believe that biological factors play a bigger role in the development of an individual’s attitudes and beliefs. The evidence presented herein will demonstrate how societal conditioning determines how individuals interact with their environment. The paper will also include some of the arguments against social and cultural environment being the predominant factors in shaping people.


           The evidence submitted above strongly indicates that social and cultural factors play a bigger role in the development of individuals than biological factors do. The basic argument here is one of nurture versus nature, a debate that has been raging for centuries now. From the research, we can conclusively ascertain that the social and cultural environment of an individual shapes the way he looks at the world, and how he interacts with his environment. The findings of this research are useful in today’s society in a variety of fields. Most importantly, law enforcement agents and the government can use the information to develop ways of improving the social and cultural environments of at risk groups to deter the development of criminals. Stemming the development of criminals at the grassroots will decrease the criminal rate in the country and across the globe.