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Discuss the difference between a nursing home and an assisted-living facility as it relates to an investigation. Then discuss interviewing a victim of elderly abuse.

Interviewing Victims Of Elderly Abuse

           Assisted living communities are for senior individuals who can no longer live safely on their own. However, they do not require the same degree of care as the elderly people who live in nursing homes. The residents in assisted living communities are helped with their medications, housekeeping, and daily activities such as shopping. Unlike in nursing homes, people living in these communities still enjoy some degree of autonomy. Licensed nursing services are also available to the residents. The patrons also enjoy scheduled transportation and communal activities.

           On the other hand, nursing homes are institutions that provide around the clock nursing services to patients. The patrons of these institutions require a high degree of medical assistance and care. The residents do not enjoy a high degree of autonomy owing to their complex and dilapidating conditions.   

           Despite the differences between these institutions, elderly abuse is common in both facilities. Relatively little is known about elderly abuse although research intimates that it could be as widespread as child abuse in the community. Elderly people who live in these facilities are at a high risk of abuse because they are dependent on the care providers.

           Investigations into elderly abuse usually launched after a report is issued to the adult protective services. Anyone who believes that an elderly person is being exploited or abused is encouraged to contact the APS (Swanson, Territo, & Taylor, 2012). The APS will conduct an investigation into the matter, in conjunction with state licensing agencies and the community ombudsmen responsible for overseeing long-term care facilities in the area. Once the investigation is over, the APS will act according to the results of the tests. The APS agencies will normally provide support to the victims of elderly abuse by placing them in other institutions and punishing the abusers.



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