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Read and critique Report 4 in the appendix. Discuss it in terms of good and bad research, suggesting how the study could have been improved, what aspects of it are good, and whether it's scientific in nature

Research Critique

The most crucial aspect of a good research is the presence of a clear-cut, simple, specific, and pertinent research question. The research question is integral as it gives the researchers a direction on conducting the research. The question also offers the readers of the paper, a basic understanding of the purpose of the research. The research in question has fulfilled its obligation of providing a good research question. The reader knows that the research conducted is aimed at identifying whether long hours, less responsibilities and discrimination contribute to the lack of upward mobility for women in the public sector.

The research on the upward mobility of women in public accounting is good with respect to scientific investigations conducted. A description of the sampling method used as well as the method of data collection is provided. Under the analysis and results section, the reader can find the statistical methods used to analyze the data collected from the female CPAs. The scientific methods used include frequency distributions, Pearson Correlation matrix, as well as a regression matrix. The sampling method, the methods of data collection, and the statistical techniques utilized in this research are all indicative of the use of scientific methods to conduct investigations about particular phenomena in the environment.

Furthermore, the sample size chosen for the study points to the validity of the research. The researchers conducted their investigations using a large enough sample size that encompasses all or most of the characteristics of the overall population. Inclusivity in the sample size is mandatory for any good research.

One way that the research could be improved is by providing a more in-depth analysis or discussion of the results. A thorough statistical analysis has been done, but the reader feels  shortchanged by the discussion segment especially if they are not well versed with statistical knowledge. The discussion section needs to interpret the results for the reader so that he does not have a hard time understanding the findings provided. The discussion section should also help the reader in making up his mind on whether to agree with the researchers or not.