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From the list below, select the two activities you consider most important when managing a TSDF: Yes, you are correct....they are all important! If we neglect even one, we have not done our job. Therefore, let's modify the original question to this. Please talk about which one or two do you feel is the most difficult to accomplish, then maintain. Or, let's throw any possibility out there. If you have an interesting experience regarding any of these issues, then feel free to share it with the class. · Ready, set, go... · training, · documentation and reporting, · periodic reports, · emergency response equipment, · security, or detection monitoring program. Explain your answer. Share your justification and comments with the class

Managing a TSDF

           Setting up a security or detection monitoring program as well as acquiring emergency response equipment are the most difficult to accomplish and maintain when it comes to managing a TSDF. Developing a security measure as complex as a detection monitoring program requires in-depth knowledge of the treatment, storage, and disposal facility. It also requires the management team to be able to calculate the probability that an error or an intrusion might occur alerting the detection-monitoring program.

           The emergency response equipment is also difficult to gain access to for a myriad of reasons. The management has to be in a position to foretell the kind of emergency they are taking pre-emptive measures against. The management has incomplete information in this case because they cannot be able to accurately determine what sort of emergency is more likely to occur at one point or another. Furthermore, such equipment is difficult to maintain due to its expensive nature.