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In a minimum of 250 words, post to the Discussion Area your responses to the following: Use your knowledge of organized crime to create a counterargument against your opponent. Your counterargument should: Focus on the future of organized crime and consider its impact on the threat to public safety. Educate the public on why terrorism is a valid area of concern in the organized crime debate. Provide a rationale for highlighting key areas that pose a specific threat to public safety.

Handling Organized Crime in Centervale

It is improbable that organized crime can be eliminated completely in the country and more specifically in Centervale. However, the local law enforcement authorities in collaboration with the public can help reduce the rate of criminal activity in the area by focusing on preventative strategies as well as employing techniques to reduce recidivism.

Organized crime syndicates have the money and the manpower to proliferate every corner of Centervale. There are also reports that some politicians are in cahoots with the organizers of the criminal syndicates. It has also been suggested that there are police officers and other law enforcement officials who are in the pocket of the organized crime lords. The allegations prove why the crime rate in the area is not going down despite the numerous efforts to boost police numbers in Centervale.

If the situation is not resolved now then we are looking at a future whereby the area’s economic progress will rely solely on criminal activities. The future is uncertain for a community of people whose main activity is crime. Let us not forget the number of deaths that will be occurring in the area if organized crime is allowed to go on at its current rate. All social and economic progresses will be left at the wayside owing to the hazardous effect of criminal activity in the area.

Terrorism and extremism is also on the rise in Centervale owing to the racial and religious differences in the area. There have been incidences whereby Muslims have been attacked by white extremists in Centervale social places including the Centervale Social Hall. If such incidents continue without anyone trying to stop them then terrorism will be a big threat to the safety and the continuity of Centervale community and its way of life.

Terrorism and organized crime are a specific threat to public safety because not enough is being done to counter them. Politicians and law enforcement authorities are on the payroll of some of these crime syndicates. How are we supposed to stop crime when the persons appointed to fight crime are engaging in the same criminal activities? Furthermore, these officials are also ignoring extremism in the area and are not focused on protecting the rights of the minority  groups in Centervale.