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Our Tradition of Smart Advice

Forbes has been able to maneuver market challenges by overturning its labor, advertising, and compensation models. The result has been a dramatic increase in the magazine’s readership both offline and online. Even with the adjustments of these models, Forbes has been able to stick to its core policy. The company is dedicated to delivering the smartest financial advice to its client i.e. the readers of its publications.

As part of sticking to its policy, the company has added a new list to its Investment Guide, which is a bi-annual publication. Forbes has added the FORBES Fintech 50, a list of companies that can have an impact on investors’ financial life and their investment portfolios. In the list, the company continues to pay close attention to philanthropy, taxes, alternative investments, real estate, and stocks among others.

Janet Novack has been at the core of the company’s investment coverage for almost thirty years. She and other dedicated members of staff work diligently to provide the company’s readers with effective investing and tax strategies that can help them achieve the financial freedom they desire. The core belief of Janet, her team and the entire Forbes network is that investors need to reduce their taxes, diversify, and skeptically assess investment opportunities so that they may succeed. The belief acts as a guiding principle on the kind of information the company provides to its readers.

Forbes also has an excellent approach to digital journalism. The company employs the ingenious expert contributor model. The model ensures that the readers get excellent financial advice regardless of their age or level of wealth. For instance, Samantha Sharf, Lauren Gensier, and Maggie McGrath are three Forbes’ expert contributors that focus specifically on Millennials Forbes’ magazine and digital readers can rest assured that the company has their financial interests at heart. The impact of its investment in providing smart advice is clearly articulated in the number of Millennials who read the company’s magazine online. The Millennials now comprise 45% of the total number of readers who visit the company’s website on a monthly basis.