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The Pinnacles and Pitfalls of Corporate Culture

The corporate world has changed dramatically in the course of the last fifty years or so. In this world, production can occur infinitely, there is no additional cost to producing more quantities of a good, central banks lend money at zero interest rates, and innovation is paramount in establishing sustainable value. The only deciding factor in this kind of world is the talent employed by a company.

Companies are seeking talented employees by conscientiously changing their cultures to suit the needs of their workforce. The organizations are constantly fighting to get on the Best Companies to Work For list so that they can attract talented employees. The employees use the list and other similar compilations as a guide when looking for employment.

Employees are not only looking for an employer that offers them free food and generous benefits. Nowadays, they are looking to work in a company that has a strong culture, which will value them and their contributions. Millennials want to work in an establishment where they know their voices will be heard and where they believe that the management cares and has their best interests at heart. Most of these individuals are less likely to marry or engage in religious activities. Thus, for most of them, their employer is the only link they have to society.

Other than culture, employees are also seeking employment in establishments that have a definitive purpose. A company needs to demonstrate why it is in existence and how this existence benefits the greater good for it to be able to attract top talent as its workforce. The stories in the issue will demonstrate how important culture and purpose are for an organization that seeks to attract top notch Millennials. They will also highlight how employee centered policies can influence a company’s ability to expand and diversify.  From the articles presented, employing a cohesive culture and having a definitive purpose is very influential for the companies. The impact of culture and purpose include large pool of talented employees, increased innovation in the workplace, diversification of products, and increased expansion opportunities.